Friday, July 31, 2009

Suicide and other thoughts

I hear that a side effect of the swine flu drug is nightmares for our children.
Why can't it be an overwhelming feeling of happiness and goodwill? Does there always have to be a barb, dark cloud or downside? Why can't it be the really harmful drugs that are unpleasant to take because of the side effects?

It led me to the thought that perhaps instead of spending billions on new prisons, why not develope a drug to alter behaviour and contain it in a simple pill?

Instead of sentencing someone to 15 years, costing the taxpayer £300 per prisoner per day minimum, just sentence him to one pill a day guaranteed to obviate the need to offend.

The workforce needed to force the pill down his or her throat could be on a wage just above minimum requirement. Better still, give them a good wage for doing a better job than you know who. I'd go for such a job and become the expert on pill application.

Actually, one powerful pill ought to do the job, administered at the point of sentence and to last a lifetime.

This line in the Times newspaper caught my eye today...'Drugs are so evil that we should legalise them'. There is some sense in this at superficial level. We always seem to touch the things we are not allowed to or do the things we are told not to do.

The line in the Times that REALLY made me think was our current suicide law as it relates to assisted suicide.

My thoughts drifted to a very painful incident in my past...a pill which was very bitter to take.

I've killed spiders, flies, ants and bugs without a second thought, but I once killed something that has affected and troubled me.

It was dark on the night in question, and I was driving back home.

Sorry, but I've just got back home after meetings, and 'As good as it gets' is on TV. I really want to finish this post, but I also really want to see the film again, so...well, it's as good as it gets! C'mon, it's a brilliant film!

There you go! It was so good.

Right, so I was driving home in the dark and something hit the car just beyond the Nottingham Knight island. I pulled over and ran back to see a liitle dog kicking and screeching in agony. It was a terrible sight and it's injuries were extensive. I felt so helpless. There was no house nearby to call for help or people around to give advice.

As I contemplated what I should do, this little dog continued to writhe and kick in agony. I could bear it no longer and decided to put it out of it's misery. I found it very hard to do as the only effective implement available was a large rock which I could hardly lift.

I've often thought if I had made the right decision. I really searched deep to find an honest answer at the time because I knew It would haunt me if I hadn't. I felt I did make the right choice, but I still think about it.

From this experience I've learned that I would want to help someone I love who is in agony and with no chance of survival.

I believe in the sanctity of life, but I also believe is free agency. I struggle when it comes to the question of someone wanting to end their life and pleading for someones help to end a hopeless situation.

I don't feel it right to prosecute those who are with their loved ones once they 've made that choice to travel to a country where it's legal to carry out their wishes to end it.
What are they expected to do, allow their loved ones to make the journey without assistance and die alone?

Assisted suicide for some cases is a tough call...especially for a Christian.

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