Monday, June 16, 2014

Quite a day.

We've had David and Helen with us for a sun-drenched week and have enjoyed days out. I'll need to post the photos when I get back next week.

Today was chill and tidy up day ready for going to the UK tomorrow. Everyone is going back...John and Hannah and the twins (along with my best helper Asher), David and Helen and us.

Helen and the twins (and John).

 David and the twins.

 John keeping his hand in with perimeter strimming.

 The worker.

 I decided to jet-wash the entire bread oven. 
The delivery of the sand and gravel last week was quite an event. I'll post the photos and tell the whole story when I get back.

 I need to put these into the shed with the other five.

All tidy and ready for next week.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Bank Holiday in France

And we have help today from Thomas, Florent, Alain, Michel, Philippe, John and Asher (yes, even Asher worked hard).

We should get some of this heap down.

Alain getting stuck in.

Watch your back, Philippe.  Bend those knees.

 John and Thomas did a good job of levelling the base.

Florent and Michel moving all the stone.

A welcome break.

Back to work.

Well done everyone. It was a good job done.

Filling in the dips at the back...

and front.

All the stone in one place.

Hardcore in place.

Reclaimed space.

We need more seed.

Sunday, June 08, 2014


Bev is on the ball today...Breathing new life to our little tables.

I wasn't allowed to do anything outside until I'd finished some long standing inside the boxing in of the cables in the bedroom. I banked some goodwill by doing more than required and managed to get outside before 5pm. She's crafty, our Bev :)  

I'm using the variable lance and, although it has quite a kick on it, it's not quite powerful enough. The bin bag offers little protection from the dirt.

Introducing our new dirt-blaster.

That's better! I tried it out on a part of the fireplace. What a difference!

One wall completed.

Joint samples...a difficult choice.

Left hand pillar done.

 Who's birthday is it tomorrow, Asher?  (Sunday)

I just managed to get the grass cut front and back to finish off an almost perfect day.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Catch Up

We've been busy cutting logs and general garden work. We also cut some logs for Dave and Annie. Yesterday was taken up with socialising with the locals down at the village hall in Cruguel.

Our latest purchase from Anglo-Info.
 34 Metres of hose 22 euros + another 32 metres FOC (not shown). One reel 16 euros. We can reach every corner of our garden front and back at last.

The new grass at the top end is coming on a treat.

I also varnished all the timber tops and skirting upstairs. I still have to re-stain the window frames.

Feeding time today. Later, John and Hannah walked with me to another hamlet to speak with the French workers. We're trying to source the best supplier for timber.

Feeding time.

 Feeding time.

Our helping hands for an hour or so.

They did a really good job.

Preparing the base for hardcore. B&W for a change.

The sky was striking today...

and the flowers.

After our French class today we visited (as a group) a local picture framer called Janick.  It was an amazing experience. His workshop is contained within a longer and another outbuilding. It was a workshop in every sense of the word. Turns out he isn't just a picture framer...he is probably the finest restorer, manufacturer and finisher of mouldings I've ever seen. A true craftsman, and he's agreed to frame my paintings. I can't wait to see his work enhancing mine.

To finish off the working day, we cut skirting for the living room and shelving for the bedroom. 
It's been quite a productive few days even though the football and tennis have taken our attention.

Tomorrow is semi-final day @ RG, Paris. Will any work get done?