Monday, July 20, 2009

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden (GOLF)

Yep, that's how it got it's name.

Golf is...the process of groups of people following a few men in all types of weather as they swipe at a little white ball until it eventually ends up in a hole.

Unlike football the participants wait their turn to play , they use sticks with feet stuck on the bottom instead of their own feet , the hole replaces the net and the spectators all have to STAND with brollies open for days on end instead of just 90 minutes sitting under cover in a comfortable seat. Oh, and the ball is much smaller and hurts when it hits your head. Is that what they mean by making the "cut"?

Goodness knows what it was called prior to the ladies trying to muscle in. How about "Let's go push ball, whack a slice out of that lovely lawn, clobber some worms or splatter a few pidgeons".

Actually, perhaps that's how they get such ridiculous names like 'Albatross', 'Eagles' and 'Birdies'. I dread to think how the 'Bogey' evolved, and 'Ace' ...what's that all about? It's a right Par Lar-De Dar where you don't know if you're one over or two under.

Anyway, presumably way back in time, these are the things the ball hit en-route to the green and ultimately that tiny little small it needs a flag-pole to locate and identify it.

I suppose they never hit squirrels, foxes, pylons, woodpeckers, innocent byestanders, cars, kite-fliers, low flying aircraft and club captains otherwise we'd have different names.

When all said and done though, I'm looking forward to watching the next tournament now that Eileen has explained the rules of the game.

I'm so excited!

tbc...after tee (sorry, I meant tea).

Back home now and I've spent an hour or so painting. I enjoyed the spag-bog for tea along with summer fruits from the garden and ice-cream from the freezer..

Ash should need a hand into the van with the fridge and washer that arrived today and, who knows I may be able to squeeze a bit of building in (wall) before calling it a day.

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