Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturdays are great!

It's a blustery but fresh day and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some work.

I had planned to be on the roof, but I value my life today so it's probably preparing the ground for building my wall at the front of the house. It'll be fine if I'm blown over at this level...only my pride will be hurt.

I've just enjoyed translating Marie-Jose's email and replied so she can translate the English. I think it's going to work well...I'd like more French and Marie-Jose would like more English. That's what I call progress!

I think Eileen has swine flu symptoms. I checked it out on
I had to post a note on the genealogical library for her last night as she was too unwell to attend.

MIL is about to go into town and I've asked if she could buy me three hours for a pound. If she can buy one and get one free, it will be even better. Bev thought I said three flowers and smiled thinking I was being nice and was buying her flowers. She should know me by now!

Oh, I love Saturdays!!

Off to do some work...

Well, I did quite well. The hardest thing was getting the posts out. They were encased in a mass of concrete. Digging the trench was easy-peasy in comparison.

Martin is here now with Sarah. Martin has brought his Apple-Mac and Sarah is with Bev sorting something with the sewing machine. I'm going to do some studying after a nice long hot bath.

How come Saturdays always go quicker than a working day?

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