Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at last!

After a very cold day in town for last minute shopping, we're glad to be back in the warmth. Everything is cosy and we're getting excited. Miracle on 43rd Street rocks! So does Helen Mirren in 'The Queen'. Two virtual back to back films is a first, for me. Feeling totally relaxed as I go into 'A Christmas Carol'

Happy Christmas everyone!

See you all soon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Speed Awareness Course

After a turn-for -the-worse grotty weather drive to a place I've never been or will want to return to, I found myself sitting- alcohol anonymous style- with 15 other offenders, some of whom I perceived as guarded, offended, resigned, terse, cold, loose and warm. We were thrown together here at the speed awareness course, courtesy of our breaking the speed limit a month or two back. We were as a gathering of unwilling jurors at our own trial.

We were a good mix of young and old as well as differing in shape, sex, colour, opinion and attitude.

I found it hilarious to be each made to share the circumstance of our offence...and the speed we were clocked.

In the end we all agreed that our justifications for extra speed were only excuses. We were guilty! The offended became enlightened and softened, and soon there was a warmth and good spirit in evidence. We'd come to terms with and were at one with officialdom. It was a fair cop! Even the impeccable man in his personalised number plated jaguar, lost his arrogance and distance. I swear it was good material for a sustainable comedy series.

There was a good deal of healthy interaction. It was good. We all wore bold christian name tags and, once everyone became fully aware I was to be called Ken and not Kenneth, the presentations, discussions and videos commenced and the barriers and defences dropped.

I left, four hours later, wishing them all to be on my Christmas card list.

The only unnerving experience was regarding the official visitor who was tucked away in the corner silently taking notes. I caught her on many occasions glaring at me.  I'm sure she wasn't staring at others with the same insane intensity.  I thought perhaps it was the frequency in which I attempted to inject humour into the proceedings. Whatever it was, it resulted in her looking positively rabid at times. She soon became the only exception to inclusion in my new-found goodwill demeanour and circle of inmate friends.

We were freed at lunch-time clutching a duly signed certificate of course completion. With a shake of hands and a throwing of my name tag onto the desk, I left to practice my new understanding and awareness of speed as I climbed into my little Yaris and followed the Jaguar out of the car park and into the Lincolnshire murky, freezing sleet and rain.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Florence Asher

Simple living, down to earth, honest, straight-talking, reliable, grateful, happy, humble, faithful, friendly, intelligent, caring, thoughtful and strong.

Most of the world didn't know you, but we certainly did and are the better for it.

We'll miss you, Florrie. Rest in deserve it!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Strong (week) dreams.

I've been busy chasing my dreams this week and in the process I've had a few.

Last night, my daughter was trying to kill me. As much as I tried to hide, she'd find me. Fortunately, a youngster just happened to be passing the willow tree that I was being dragged from and, as casual as you like, pulled a gun that was tucked in his belt, pointed it at Juli and asked her to stop. In the confusion, I made another get-away and the youngster went on his way eating a sandwich. She kept turning up though and I kept escaping by the skin of my teeth. I'm tired of running! What have I done (or about to do)? Whatever it is, I'm sorry for past, present or future, Juli!

I'm so glad she lives over 100 miles away.

JS Bach gate-crashed my subconscious and invaded my life around 2:00am on Tuesday and was as real as real can be...even realer!! He was a she, young and wacky. She confided in me the secret of of her youth. Eating grass! She had a mouth crammed full of  the most succulent green shoots and could hardly speak without it all falling all over the pillow. I didn't really feel like chewing the cud. I needed sleep.

I'm going to resist taking a peak at 'Interpretation of Dreams', a book that remains unloved and unused by me on one of our shelves...I'll consult Bev instead cos I know she's read it. For good measure she'll probably tie it in with what my stars have said for the week.

It's only a dream...there's no Hahn in it :)
My other dreams (in waking hours)...sorting out my art website and moving closer to being a starving artist.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Because it's unusual

I've decided to show a picture of the stuff, seeing as it's so unusual for this time of year.

We've had an extra 5" since ...and one snowball fight.

Bev phoned me at 6:45am as she crossed the field to remind me to wear wellies. Later, she told me that she wrote 'I love you' in the snow but I was too busy taking photos to see it when I crossed an hour later (I wonder if that's it on the right?) I looked back after I crossed the field to the realisation that I don't walk in straight lines.
Rox, Kirsty, Leigh and Tara checking out the internet while I pretend to work. It's lovely and warm inside.
Snowing again next morning...
On Thursday I decided to walk to town along the river (and over that foot bridge to walk along the other side). People I met are so friendly and happy even though it's absolutely freezing.
The castle grounds looked nice. My fingers were now virtually frostbitten trying to carry art materials back from town.
All snow has been cleared in the market square now...

Bev is in town right now with her mother while I take the sensible option of eating chocolate, blogging and generally keeping cosy.

I think she is expecting me to insulate the outside tap. I'd better do that before she gets back...she'll be so impressed.