Friday, July 17, 2009

good night?

A good sleep makes all the difference and, even though it's drab and pouring with rain outside, there is a ray of sunshine in my heart and a spring in my step.

I was tempted to stay up and hear news of the men who landed on the moon 40 years ago, but I reasoned that I stayed up the first time - for the real deal, so why should I stay up for the update?

I took a quick look at Time Magazine this morning however and was saddened to read of Aldrin's Father who took his own life. His Mother (maiden name was Moon would you believe) followed suit 14 months before her son's epic journey.

Actually, the more I read the news, the more sad I become. It would seem to be a grotty old world if the good things aren't reported in equal measure...which would appear to be the case today.

Apologies for being so flippant about the swine flu the other day. My age group may be relatively safe if in reasonable health, but it seems children are at serious risk and are dying even with previous good health. I should have read more about it first. The future looks pretty bleak if it continues at this rate.

Meme question: If I was given £300 to spend on anything I'd like, what would it be? Answer: An acoustic amplifier and a sherbet lemon dip.

I'm finding it difficult to justify buying an amp, but if the money isn't mine there will be no problem. The sherbet lemon dip will be to give away so as not to make me feel so guilty. If I'm feeling devilish I'll have the sherbet dip too!

Ash and Amber had a good night at the Harry Potter premier of the Half Blood Prince but looking at him now (I've just turned around to look at him) he looks in desperate need of a good night's sleep. He should have listened to his Dad.

During my break I'm going to read what Randi has to say about 72 hour packs...something I'm very familiar with.

Get in there Randi! Spot on! As you know I'm LDS myself and I'm immensely impressed! You must have some very good LDS friends.

I think I need to update mine. Thanks for the timely reminder.

On another note, I think it's important to show in a daily journal how you actually feel from day to day. Well, today I feel content and happy. I feel relaxed, friendly and approachable... if anyone needs a loan or my help, now is the best time to ask...but you'll need to be quick!

Oh dear, never mind! You weren't quick enough.

I've realised that I've only 3 hours or so left before my week holiday. YIPPEE!!! No wonder I feel good!

Had to dash to Bridgford after work but I'm back now. Carole King was my singing companion on the way home. I wonder if she's still touring this country?

It has been a very busy day and a busy evening doing things familiar and things totally new.

So...I guess it's good night and farewell to Friday the 17th July.

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