Thursday, April 21, 2011


A possible perception of a Brit might be someone who is OTT, base, foul-mouthed, boozing, brainless and brash.

An Englishman... perhaps more refined, reserved, rounded, romantic and blessed with a unique and wicked sense of humour as opposed to being pompous, pampered, proud and priggish.

Being a bit of everything is nearer the mark, I fear.

I hope everyone resists tarring me with the same brush as a Brit, though...I'm good old fashioned English.

This was just one thought rattling around my brain today (Wednesday) and lingered for a while before passing through.

Another thought...there is a difference between a turnip and a swede...different taste, texture, size and colour. I have an intense dislike of both, even though raw turnip straight from the field probably kept me alive in my early years. Of the two, swede is a clear winner in the totally disgusting category.

Another thought...there are so many things we have today that weren't around when I was born. I googled them and felt very, very old. To give you an idea...
TV / Anything plastic / Anything cordless (which is usually plastic anyway) / Central heating / Scanners, printers or photocopiers / Microwave ovens / Anything digital / Computers and for me, at least...electricity.

Another thought...someone I work with will be around my current age in forty years time and could be talking as I am to him now, to someone as young as he is now. I will be long gone, of course. I envy him his forty years. this thought outstayed it's welcome and I wondered how long I have left.

Another thought...a light went out when Robert Brault retired from posting his original quotes today. I thought how good it would be to categorise all of his quotes as an easy personal's something I've wanted to do for such a long time as I can never find the quote I need when I needed it most. Actually, perhaps I should first seek permission before I fall foul of copyright restrictions.

I think this time he really is serious about quitting regular blog entries. He'll be missed. If you are not familiar with his quotes, check his will not be disappointed. (Shortcut to Robert Brault Reader in the sidebar to the right).

Also thinking about France...just one more day to go!

Actually, this is now Thursday and I've been running around with last minute preparations. I've been in the garden, sharpening an axe and now I need to cut the grass...not with the axe. :)

MIL was a bit confused this morning as she thought it was Friday and was upset she had missed her hair appointment. All is well...I convinced her it wasn't Friday. I reckon she's sufficiently pleased with me to warrant a chocolate egg for the journey. Darn it, I'd better go and get a couple in case it doesn't cross her mind.

Goodness knows how she will get on with our proxy votes for the AV referendum next week. We haven't told her yet that she will be voting on our behalf.

Feeling seriously chilled now, even though the car isn't packed.

No longer feeling chilled now that we are trying to get everything in the car.

Everything packed...a miracle!

Happy days! Just a few hours sleep and we'll be on our way.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Way too long...

I had a great day yesterday helping out with Jon and Serene's house move.

Feeling a little sad as I woke with the back of my right hand covering my left eye. I just lay there thinking of four sisters in our expanded family...Pollyanna, Tammy, Serene and Naomi...such a diversity of life experience and personal challenges. An online journal sometimes means I am unable to be as personal as I'd like in recording my feelings, but perhaps I may be able to expand another time.

The sun is up, it's Sunday and I'm off to church for my fix. You may think Mormons don't study the Bible but this year is all about the New Testament. I'm learning so much about myself and life in these pages.

Feeling good right now, especially about next week...Friday in particular as we jump in the car and point it in the direction of France. There will be a smile on my face as I turn the ignition key. Has it really been half a year since our last visit?

Too long...way too long.

Monday, April 11, 2011

At work but not working.

A new day and a new work location for me as I move from this glass house...

To this one...

It's a much nicer working environment (we are just a little deeper in at the top of the stairs to the right) but we have absolutely no work to do. We see the initials of those in India against the emails we should be working on but we are not allowed to pull them.

The team have received their official notification of redundancy for the 31st May and mine will no doubt be in my hand today...if they remember I'm still here.

It's a strange situation. We who have given so much are now considered surplus to requirement. I'm pleased for India, but feel the hierachy could have been more sensitive and appreciative of what the UK workforce they are discarding has achieved. Yes, they offered us alternative employment but being on the phone to irate customers every second of the day is something I would find difficult to get out of bed for. Other jobs on offer were equally daunting.

It really is time for change and I'm up for the challenge of what might lay ahead of me. I feel bright and optimistic even though there is a global tendancy to paint the worst possible picture. I suppose if I had a mortgage and debt, I would feel differently, but thankfully I haven't and I don't. I feel so fortunate to have such freedom. I do feel for those who are younger with families to provide for.

I think I would like an interesting little part time job when I finish here as I don't want to paint full-time until we are living in France. It needs to be built up steadily...perhaps another year.

When all around we see anarchy, war, poverty, waste, unemployment, uncertaintly, disaster, devastation, murder, and mayhem, am I asking too much for simplicity, security and a happy existence or is my little bright protected bubble about to burst?

I suspect that the world will be just as I choose to see it, regardless of what happens...which means I'll be fine.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Breathe a Tuesday

Last night I was sorting through an old drawer full of papers that I'd shoved out of the way over the years, and found this poem of sorts.

I have no idea why I wrote it or why I gave it this title. Perhaps it was a Monday morning (I used to hate Monday mornings...still do to a lesser degree.)

My October 17th (1988)

Gone the heart of the free
Now hurt, held in timeless tender trap
Weeping, yet silent
And sure to meet a glittering birthday in defeat.

Today was not a good day even though the gallery sold one of my paintings. 

I spent all day talking to various people in India as they attempted to make all the systems available to me. I was locked out of them all. I had no authority. I had no work. I was not recognised. I couldn't even use the internet.

It was so strange to hear the breathing of someone so far away accessing my desktop and moving around my screen. It occurred to me that the person sitting next to him wouldn't hear him as well as little old me tucked away in the UK. I was having an experience that was denied everyone that had ever lived up to a few years ago. Incredible, yet it soon bored and frustrated me. It was the Monday blues kicking in and it was a long, long day.

I was still on the phone...this time to an indian I could barely understand who kept me at my desktop long after everyone else had gone home.

I arrived home to see the car missing.  I didn't have my door key and after twenty minutes of knocking, MIL eventually heard me and opened the door...just as the car pulled in the drive. Bev had had a tough day too and needed to stay behind. We are both ready to see this day off.

Come breathe a Tuesday into our tired Monday minds.