Thursday, September 30, 2010

What an evening!

So annoyed with Virginia Woolf for being George's partner at the Third Annual Willow Manor Ball. I caught their anxious glance as we arrived fashionably late; both praying I won't make a fuss. How could I with such a partner as I now have?

It was so gracious of Ginger to step in for Bev who is resting her tender feet from the last ball we attended. "I know you want to go, so I've given Ginger the all clear", she said. So thoughtful. So loving. So trusting!

Our host Willow is surrounded as usual but we're sure to catch her later. Oh, I was expecting her to be wearing the white vintage organdy gown she bought in Paris last week. I guess she decided to change into something that will allow her to dance the tango the way she is at the moment. Such elegance, style, passion and gay abandon even though I swear I caught sight of woolly socks underneath it all.

I feel a blood rush now as Leonard Cohen strikes up a most appropriate "Dance Me to the End Of Love".  Its been  over ten years since we last saw him perform and my thoughts flash to Bev who will be so disappointed to have missed this chance reunion. We have caught his eye in the refrain and, with a half smile and a nod of acknowledgement, friendships are remembered as we slip onto a dance floor already heaving with colour, movement and dancing glittering eyes and feet.

The atmosphere is amazing. The ball is truly magnificent!

Is that green chartreuse I see over there? My word, did I not use that in the old days at the beginning of an evening out to prevent me from overloading and feeling the effects the next day? I prefer 'dandy' these days for the certainty of a clear head and no chance of losing it. I see everything but dandy though, had willow forgotten? Surely n...ah, there it is half buried in a silver bowl of crushed ice with a little label attached which reads...'Reserved for Ken'. What a host; such attention to detail...she remembered that I love it chilled.

Incidentally, do you like my outfit for tonight's ball? It's the one favoured by Fred in the picture below except I'm wearing a yellow bow-tie to match the lovely roses around the dance floor. Ginger is wearing the very same dress to make me feel comfortable although I must admit to feeling a little awkward having stepped on the hem twice already. Yes, she gave me that very same look.
I could write forever about this evening. It has been truly memorable. So many good friends, so much laughter, such exquisite food and elegant decor...add to these my newest, warmest,  eternal and fondest memories.

It's with regret that we slipped out early, unable to continue through to the early hours as Ginger had a photo-shoot early the next day and feared she would not look her best if she stayed beyond midnight.

Thank you Willow for such an unforgettably romantic evening and for including us amongst your most distinguished and favoured guests.

We had a ball!

Monday, September 27, 2010

What, how, when and why.

Had a fantastic weekend in Sunderland.

How do I feel right now?

It's Monday and I'm back at work.

How should I feel?
Not tense.

What should I do about it?
Something! Anything!

Get things into perspective and breathe deeply.

NOW, you idiot!

Don't call me an just makes me feel worse.
Okay, sorry!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Being entertained

 Pleased that I'm making and taking time to read.
Makes me feel lucky never to have experienced the things they did other than love, patriotism, sacrifice and  empathy. Who am I kidding? I identified with hero and villain if truth be told. Slow to begin with but definitely worth the read, even though that empty feeling usually present at the conclusion of a good book was missing.

Books recommended to me...
The book thief
The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society
A short history of everything
The perfect storm...if it's anything like the film, I may not bother.
The shipping news

Go on... add to the list and give reasons why you rate it worthy of a read?

I watched something last week on TV i-player that I enjoyed immensely. I saw the very first episode of Coronation Street in 1960 and remembered it vividly even though I haven't seen the programme for over thirty years. What I watched was a drama of how it came about. Loved it! Really loved it! Warren was spot on with those early characters. It evoked so many black and white memories.

Who's on my mind? Dot, the followed (on the right) and the owner of Ryanair. One of them  a high-flyer who is planely irritating me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks Helen

A photo taken for me by Helen Flinn Cryer a few weeks ago...

It's for our floor to ceiling wardrobe in France. I saw the wardrobe complete with a similar photo in Ikea Nottingham and fell in love with it. It is sold without the image of the Eiffel Tower however, which is why Helen took the photo...several photos actually.

When I'm next in Ikea I'll take a photo of the wardrobe and place it underneath this photo so you will see how cool an idea it is.

Thanks again for such brilliant photos Helen.

On reflection

I've been reflecting (whilst shaving) on if I am better off being left alone rather than confronted, prodded, poked or challenged.

They fascinate , frustrate, disappoint, inspire, please and disgust me. I love 'em and hate 'em too. Nowt so funny as folk eh?

I don't mind kind words, praise, adulation or being the recipient of unexpected gifts or kindnesses, but  they can't go on forever and must inevitably give way to a bit of grey.

Yesterday (and the day before) I felt front-line, dull, bruised, tender, fragile and under attack just at a time when I want to be cocooned, fresh and impregnable. When I'm rained on I want to feel dry, comfortable and stronger than tissue paper.

Perhaps it's because I'm just back from holiday and need to get into the rhythm of things.

I found 1,230 emails in the inbox on my return, along with new processes, a new team, team leader, location and expanded responsibilities. The bubble had burst. It was raining hard and I preferred the being left alone option.

On the bright side, I had a decent break from it all and feel considerably better this morning as I confront the man in the mirror.

Hope you had a good birthday yesterday Amber.

Welcome to Paul C...I hope you enjoy dropping by from time to time. Oh my goodness, a retired high school English teacher! I'm afraid you'll have to turn a blind eye to my English.

Also welcome to Val Daggatt. I've just noticed your silhouette Val but can't locate you on blogger.

Looking forward to visiting you all.

Oh, I almost forgot to conclude...

Am I better off being alone, protected and cocooned?