Saturday, July 25, 2009

Je voudrais me reposer

Roy's post title for today is "I would like to rest". I've decided to adopt it, but only in theory because I've too much to do really.

The temptation of today is to put all my eggs in one basket and concentrate on the wall, but I'm going to resist and do some painting just to please Bev. She's taken her Mum, Ash and Amber to the Temple today and left me behind, hoping that I'd grab some painting time.

In truth, I didn't fancy being squeezed between my MIL and Ash, while Amber claimed front seat by virtue of her predicament. You could argue that if I drove, everyone else could fight it out for the best seat, but it's an unwritten law that we share the driving, so the inevitable will happen anyway. Even if I sat on her deaf side my MIL could be formidable for such a long journey...Ashley even more so!

Anyway, the weather is fine and there are no distant clouds to threaten rain. All the same, I promise I'll finish bricklaying by 3:00pm Bev, regardless of how much I'm enjoying it.

Bev is back and we've said goodbye to Martin and Sarah who made a surprise visit along with an even bigger surprise of a Chinese meal.

Bev helped Sarah with a flag and t-shirts for the girls camp next week while Martin helped me tidy up outside.

We are now about to watch 'Kung Fu Panda'. It isn't really my taste although I hear it's good.

Sitting down with Bev to watch it is the very least I can do for being caught red-handed with a bricklaying trowel in my hand as she pulled in the drive.

I think Martin and Sarah's arrival saved my bacon.

I live to fight another day!

I'm ready for that well earned rest.

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