Monday, November 25, 2013

Rivington Pike

Looks like Bev is ready... 

 With her new boots.

Jon looking happy. 

 Ann, Eileen and Bev doing what all women do...stick together.

All together again.

 I loved this and didn't realise at the time that I caught the reflection of the bridge in the water.

The bridge over troubled waters.

A fellow traveller.

Going up!

I think we should go that way!

Where's Ken?

He's over there!

How much further?

Done it!


Time for lunch.

And a little rest... 

And more rest...

 And more rest. Well, the views were rather good!

Lady Levers had her sewing room up there, while her husband tended to his pigeons.

 On the way down.

Berries, not flowers.

 Such lovely colour.

Such a lovely morning.

Jon and Ann have continued on to Scotland.  It was nice to see them.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Take My Hat Off To Gormley

I could see where he was coming from.
I wonder if he could see where I was coming from?

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Today I went for an operation on my head. Bev tells me it hadn't anything to do with my brain because  clearly, in her view, I hadn't got one to operate on. It was pretty close to my brain (I think I have one), because I heard the doctor's scalpel scrape against my skull and I felt him pull and tug to get rid of the root that would have formed a cyst.

The amount of blood created by his wrestling almost made me faint.  Fortunately I didn't feel a thing, but now that the anaesthetic has worn off, I feel pretty sore.

As I lay there anticipating the five injections he was about to administer, I asked if I would die today, sensing a bit of humour would take away my anxiety.  "Possibly, but probably not as a result of this operation", he replied. I love a doctor with a sense of humour.  I was concerned with his inclusion of the word 'Probably" and remained anxious.

He kept asking me if I could feel anything, and at one point apologised for putting too much pressure on my head. I gave him permission to carry on, but as a coward, I would scream if I experienced pain.

He told me later that with all the blood and bits, it may look like I've had a major operation, but rest assured that it was a very straightforward and simple operation, but don't get up too fast in case you collapse.

Here we were having a good laugh with what seemed like half my brain swimming in a tray.

Can I drive, I asked, thinking that if I make any sudden movements, I may collapse. "Only if you have a license", he replied.

I liked this team...pity I won't see them again (unless they shop at Aldi).

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


 We'd already had a busy weekend in Nottingham and a very busy day back here yesterday, but we decided to take advantage of a first trip to  Blackpool illuminations last night. There was a lot of displays, but I didn't have the right setting for the lights. I took the photos from the car and most were blurred.

 This was the tram and it was a lot brighter than this...wrong setting again even though we were walking by this time.

 Having never been to Blackpool before, it was all magical to me...well, as magical as lights can be to an old man like me.

Getting closer to the tower.

 I liked the art for walls stretch of the road.

 The tower at last!

 A different colour...

... and yet another colour combination.

A gigantic outdoor floor area with jokes from just about every comedian who has performed in Blackpool. I liked the Tommy Cooper section best, but I didn't really have time to read would need a week.

Thanks to David and Eileen for the lift. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Fish & chips back in Chorley topped off the evening.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Squeezing everything out of the day.

First we had our blood taken at the hospital, then a good breakfast and then we had a good walk in the park with the Flinns as it was such a bright day. 

 Yes, I probably will paint it.

Right outside our front door.

On our way back from shopping at Botany Bay...quite a place. 

Tonight we are off to see the illuminations at Blackpool.  I've never been!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Thanks, Ian.

Okay, yes it's another picture of the temple, but not just any old photo. This was taken by our friend Ian Turner as he flew over during the  pageant a few months ago. We were actually here on the ground as he took it. It was a flying visit for us too, before dashing back to France.

We're off to Nottingham this weekend...really looking forward to catching up with everyone.