Friday, February 22, 2013


As it appears to be common knowledge now, I thought I'd offer this post of confirmation.  The photo says it all. We are almost homeless!  Thankfully, we are about to have a Kirsty & Phil experience, courtesy of Chris & Juli, so perhaps all is not lost.

No, we aren't cutting and running off permanently to France just yet, although a decent break is certainly on the cards. We expect to still visit mum and family on a regular's just a longer journey.

The house took just over a week to sell, and hopefully it will all be tied up very soon, as the buyer's survey seems to have not thrown up any problems.

Everything is going like a dream at the moment and we keep expecting something to go wrong.

There are a million and one jobs to take care of which, thankfully, takes our minds off the sale. Since Christmas the whole house has been decorated and two lofts emptied. De-cluttering gives us a great feeling of accomplishment.

On a more pessimistic hasn't escaped my attention that as I celebrate my 61st birthday, the government have moved the goalposts yet again and I won't receive my bus pass until 6th January next year. I swear they are following me.

We had a great time in Sunderland although it was a shock to have so much snow in such a short time. We looked at lots of properties in different areas and narrowed them down to two, one of which we made an offer that was accepted yesterday.

It'll likely be a few years before we live in it, but at least it's ours and will be producing an income in the meantime.

Our thanks go to Chris and Juli...they did fantastic research and were brilliant on the day. We had a lovely time even though by the time we arrived home (after 10pm) we were absolutely beat.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inching forward

It's actually happening. The house sale is progressing nicely and pretty soon we'll be on our way. In the meantime I'm here in the gallery painting in the window. We've moved from the shop next door and everything has been a bit hectic.Thankfully, everything is more organised now and the internet is available again.