Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving now that Amber's parents in USA are in the know.

Sunderland move on to the next round of the FA Cup. England move on without Fabio and we move on to our 10th Grandchild, Finley James Devine who was born 12:50am and weighed in at 9lbs.

Well done, Sunderland, England and especially Amber.

Oh, and well done you too, Ash!

On a separate note...was Amber and I the only ones who couldn't sleep last night? Actually, I must have, because the dreams were so unbelievably vivid. In all my life I've never had such dreams. I wonder if I should have left the chocolates in the box before retiring? Rather the chocolates and dreams than what Amber had to go through, eh?

Happy days!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Looking bright here in Newark

It's random, I know...but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed sitting and chatting with Norwich supporters as we watched Sunderland play sublime football to win the game 3-0. Its been quite an eventful time since Martin O'Neil took over and the transformation has been a joy to see. From relegation to 8th slot is no mean feat in such a short time.

Okay, I know!  Yes, the world is reported to be in turmoil and tragedies are in abundance...but I take my comfort from whatever and whenever. Today it's sport and the bright sunshine on a cold, crisp and gloriously bright and optimistic morning.