Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to reality

I'm back from holiday and, as I sit here with the sun streaming through my studio window and warming the left side of my face, I feel a little out of sorts. Yes, I know I shouldn't, but I do.

It doesn't help to be reading a book entitled 'The Art of Dying'.

Perhaps when I pick the brush up and start painting I'll feel better. Perhaps when I catch up on a few blogs, I'll feel better still.

I invariably feel this way after a good holiday...especially after listening to world news or reading a national. I should also make certain that my calendar is clear following a break.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How would you feel if you lost your home?

Well, waddya know...the Sunderland v Chelsea game isn't until this weekend because of International fixtures last Saturday. Perhaps it's just as well that I'm out of the country...unless they show it on the ferry.

Anyway, I don't now why I'm speaking of such small things. Yesterday was a disastrous day for the owners of site that hosts and auctions my small paintings.

They just happen to live in Bastrop County in Texas and were just one family of approximately500 that lost their homes to the raging fires. Carol Marine (a fellow artist) gives her reaction along with what they managed to save as they evacuated. She wasn't able to save her larger paintings.

I just can't imagine how I'd feel if my home was burned down. Devastated wouldn't even come close. David and Carol seem unbelievably calm and practical about it all.

'All is well' he says...'We are safe and face a new beginning'.

How positive is that from a man who has just spent the past year building a new studio for his wife, only for it to be destroyed along with everything else.

It's made me think about where everything is, should I need to get them out in an emergency, because fire is something that can strike anytime and anywhere.

If you Google Texas fires, you'll get an indication of how big a disaster it is.

Friday, September 02, 2011

High life and a rich vein

Having read a bit about Lady Gaga, you can keep her...talented, yes, but I've decided to strike her off my Christmas card list for a whole load of reasons.All that's gold doesn't shine, are words from Dylan that come to mind. Actually,why am I still with Dylan after all these years? Perhaps I'm just picky when it comes to who I spend time with:)
I guess, in her defence, being a celeb has its own set of pressures and rules.

I've tasted the high life this week and felt a bit like a celebrity myself, having been featured in several local newspapers and radio, but you are pretty safe with me...I break no rules and my behaviour is predictably boringly safe...most of the time:)

I'm in Mansfield at the moment and it's 6:30 am. In a little while we'll be setting off for Sunderland to plaster my daughter's bedroom ceiling while she is on holiday. We'll then be attending Craig and Anna's wedding on Saturday before making the journey back to Newark. The biggest disappointment will be missing the Chelsea v Sunderland clash at the Stadium of Light...just minutes from the reception venue. We'll hear the roar of the crowd as we score and poor Craig will have difficulty making himself heard. Okay, we'll be a mile away, but a mile is nothing when 38,000 fans get excited. I'm so looking forward to the wedding, though...and the beach which is facing the reception hotel...and seeing family and friends, and walking barefoot in the sand, and...

Money can't buy what the weekend has in store for me and being poor affords such a rich vein of experience at times. 

I just hope Sunderland beat Chelsea. The reality will probably see us being beaten 3-0 but I'm already working on responding in a positive way:)