Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A true friend

A true friend never lets you down and is reliable, faithful, trustworthy and dependable. Good looks count for very little as do the advancing years. The passing of time invariably sorts out the unreliable and I have to say that I'm very fortunate to have such good friends.

One of them is in France at the moment and, oddly enough, another is waiting patiently outside for me right now. We tend to go everywhere together. We are inseparable really...especially when storm clouds gather and the rain threatens to come down and dampen our spirits. There is a genuine bond, forged over many years and it hasn't escaped my notice that he always, but always offers me protection above himself. How lucky am I to have such a friend?

I'm about to accompany him to the local garage for a long overdue oil change. It's the least I can do for my trusty old Avensis. I might even ask for the bulbs to be checked while it's in...to improve it's failing eyesight so to speak.

The sun is shining today and life feels a good deal better than yesterday.

I caught Bev inspecting her toast this morning...very strange!

I've been invited to join another friend on facebook. I haven't seen him since 1967. His name is John Gates and no, he's not related.

I'm sure facebook is responsible for more broken friendships than what are forged...judging by the office gossip here.

Another friend sent a surprise email. Marie-Jose is French and David reminded her at church last week (in France) that we agreed to exchange emails in our native tongue to help each other learn one another's language better.

I'm pleased to have understood what she was writing.

Last night, with Eileen's help, I ordered a Concise Oxford Hachettes French dictionary from Amazon. It cost me a lot more than my last order from them (£1 +p&p) which indicates my resolve in getting to grips with the language. It also marks a major departure from habit as it's hardback. I wonder, if I tuck it under my arm as reading material, they'll let me on the plane with it without having to have it weighed? It's the only thing I'll be able to take if they don't, as Eileen reckons it weighs a ton!

Bev picked the car up after work and then came to pick me up.

There are two cases of swine flu at work today and, as everyone is bound to get it at some point, I'm hoping I'll get it quick so that I'll be over it before going to France. They believe it's only those with current health issues that need to be concerned. For everyone else it's just like normal flu.

It'll be the first time I've wanted to be ill as soon as possible and I'm psycholigically ready for it.

Bring it on! What's the worst that can happen? Mmm...right! Yes, well, let's not be too keen!

Spoke to Tom at last. He's happy to come to France with the van...if he isn't made redundant next week!

Life is never straightforward anymore, is it? He's quite positive though because he only has two years before retiring anyway.

My brother, a pensioner. I can scarce believe it.

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