Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another few pics

 I just couldn't resist taking these shots as I left the temple about two hours ago. I watched them plant the circle last week.
 That's the 'Great Hill'...a view from the temple entrance.

 Spreading it's wings.

 It doesn't show it well in this photo, but Moroni really shone in the early evening sun.

 One of the ponds by the temple entrance.

 I love the simplicity of this building.

 I don't often walk around the back...

 but I do around the front.

 A short walk to our apartment.

I love a bit of stonework...the Family History Centre, then inside to do some painting.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Verdict on Preston

The Harris Museum and Art Gallery was really very good. They have a fine collection of paintings.

 Although we never went through this arcade, I was struck with the beauty of the facade.

Avenham Park is situated almost next to the town centre...a really peaceful, secluded and unspoilt park. Can you see the three squirrels in this photo?

Bev climbing down the steps into the Japanese Gardens in Avenham Park. At the bottom we had a very pleasant walk along the River Ribble before climbing back up and into the Town Centre.

Preston is largely a town to forget except for the few places highlighted here. I know I'm in danger of upsetting some people, but I feel life is too short to visit the place twice. If we ever go back it will be to sit quietly in this park and then follow the river path for a long walk in the opposite direction.

The Preston Temple, however (which is situated in Chorley) is magnificent as are the surrounding moors.

Give me a hill to climb in solitude and gaze from it's heights than a 'Bodged'  City Centre that is sprawling and crammed with ugly buildings that choke the life out of the few quality ones.

I'm sure that there are many interesting areas I didn't get to see here, but for now, if the gallery and park didn't belong to Preston, I'd rate the town zero.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Thanks Pope was a good omen. 

Sunderland 2 - 1 Newcastle

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Settling down

I still can't believe I get to paint as well as enter this building every day (except Sunday and Monday).

Painting is considerably easier, but the results are not as satisfying as time spent behind these doors.

We are managing to create a good balance of work, study and leisure, and life is good...especially now that Bev has passed that kidney stone.

Monday, October 21, 2013


It wasn't the best of weather, but it was great to be back here after a 25 year break. I was really taken by the Minster this time round. Next time we'll spend more time re-discovering the place. It was a fantastic day out and, as usual, we crammed everything into the little time we had.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

One I Missed

What better after a hard week than to gather with friends to watch a good old B&W movie...with popcorn.

The poster shows the gun in the wrong hand...perhaps he was just practicing, and where are our other friends Lee Van Cleef, Andy Devine and Lee Marvin?

I love old B&W movies...especially ones like this that I should have been taken to in 1962 as a 10 year old.

Part of our apartment...simple but comfortable, with tons of room and beautiful views. We're slowly personalising it as it's our home for the next six months.

I'll be painting from Tuesday now that my painting area is all set up and ready for me next door. Can't wait!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Here we go...

We arrived last night after a leisurely drive from our family gathering in Mansfield to find we could not get into our apartment. Incidentally, this is not my photo. I picked it up from Google because I wanted a decent night one...mine was rubbish. We eventually gained access to our apartment an hour after arriving. 
What a week! Carrying out the work on our house in Sunderland was successful despite the terrible weather. We're so glad we managed to get it finished. Our tenants were away, so we hope they like what they come home to. 

The view from our living room and bedroom...beautiful.

 View from our front door.

Our apartment is in the building to the left behind this tree.

 A quick photo of the temple after unloading the car.

 And another...

Our home for the next six months is the other side of the apartment behind the smaller tree.

The doors we'll be using every day.

We David and me) went for a walk in the hills after lunch while the girls did their own thing. The temple is on the horizon in the centre. Beyond the horizon is the sea.

 I must paint this scene.

I must paint this one as well...

and this one.

On my way down.
There's still lots  to do today before we turn in.
Tomorrow we get stuck in.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Farewell Bel-Air

 Scaffold taken down and stored away ready for May.

 I'll have to dismantle and re-build the left hand side pillar as it leans too far to the left...but not today:)

 Seeds protected against the 'Ladies' daily visits.  We'll miss those hens.

 Can't wait to screw down the wall plates and erect the roof timbers. Actually, I can't wait to clean the stone and point it all up. The first job in May, however, will be to finish the chimney and left hand side wall.

 It's not exactly a beautiful lawn, but it's lovely to see it cut.

He can't wait to see us leave so he could nibble in peace.

The story continues in May, and what a year it promises to be. In the meantime, the blog will continue with our adventures in the UK.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Last working day at Bel-Air

 The chocolate bar tree is bearing fruit at last and gave me much needed energy.

 Bathroom visitors have been evicted.

 Trying our stone for the next row...and such a beautiful sunny morning. Who'd have thought we are in October?

 The daff bulbs are in as well as the cornflower, California poppy and other seeds.  We should have a very colourful spring.

Selecting stone for the angled pillar.  You wouldn't believe how heavy that corner piece is. I took this photo into the sun...not good quality.
It's so good to see the chimney taking shape at last.

I was so busy today that I didn't have time to take all the photos I wanted to. I'll upload some tomorrow or early Monday morning before setting off for Honfleur for lunch...and then the ferry back to the UK from Le Havre.

We have absolutely LOVED being here for the past six months. We've had lots of new experiences, met some amazing people and have forged new friendships and, of course, made progress with the bread oven and other areas.