Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another surprise

The security guard at Lauren's Patisseries which is located opposite the scene of the accident yesterday was the one who informed some of our staff that Margaret had died. We spent the entire afternoon, evening and beyond upset with the whole situation and wrapped up in emotional turmoil.

He was wrong! He was so wrong! She's alive, albeit not too well, but ready to start kicking.

Margaret not only survived, but is more concerned about her broken glasses than broken bones!

Good news or what!?

Get in there Margaret!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Unwelcome visitor...

last month I was saddened to hear that Lynn Williams had died. She was a positive and happy colleague at our workplace and I didn't even know she had cancer.

Margaret Lucy was run over by a lorry today as she biked back to work from lunch.

I've known Margaret since starting work here and was shocked at how sudden and unexpected her death was.

There wasn't a day that went by the past two weeks that I didn't think about our next door neighbour in France who took his own life.

Now I'm thinking of all the people I know who are struggling to hang on to life and one or two who can't wait to see the back of it.

I'm not feeling particularly depressed or morose but I am thinking about the grim reaper and how and when we all could meet our end.

It's lurking and will get to us eventually but I'm quite happy to be last in the queue at the moment. Let the good times roll before my head does. Keep your distance and don't come knocking too soon. You're an unwelcome visitor here.

For now, what empathy I have is reserved for those left to pick up the pieces...the stunned, numbed, shocked and bewildered. I've been there and know how empty and lonely a place it is.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Off to France

We arrived at the Flinns tonight without the blinds... each thinking the other had put them in the car. This just about sums up our day. They were going to drive them to France for us tomorrow as I'll be flying and not able to take them myself.

Back home and all packed and raring to go.

Helped raise £1700 for Children in Kenya on Saturday(CHinK). It was a scorching day and we had a great time.

Unkind thought...I wasn't all that sad to hear Raoul Moat had taken his own life. I saw humour in a Moat being cornered by a river.

Kind thought...sorry, out of time!

See you all in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No octopus dude, but...

No more weekly meetings for the first time in over 30 years. Weight lifted. Feeling pretty good! My new responsibility is relatively meeting-less (Cultural and physical activities for Mormons in Nottingham, Derby, Boston and Lincoln). Easy-peasy!

Past responsibilities...Elders Quorum President, member of the Stake High Council, Bishop, 1st and 2nd Counsellor in the Stake Presidency and now no longer the High Priests Group Leader.

We had lunch in the garden and I played the guitar for an hour or so...including the song posted by willow.

There is something very special about music that is sung and played in a way that goes straight to the heart.
I listened to two singers on the car radio recently as I drove home from meetings. One was called Martha Tilston (I think)who I've never heard of before but liked the way she sang the song I was listening to and the other was an old favourite Janis Ian singing 'At 17'.

I've let music slip slightly over the past decade or so, but I'm enjoying getting back to those old favourites Bruce Cockburn, Dylan, Harvey Andrews, McTell, Lightfoot, Tir Na Nog etc! I have several i-Tune gift cards which will be used as soon as I get back from France...unless I can convert my attic vinyl to living room digital.

I know it's Sunday but I'll be watching the final and predict 3-1 to Spain.

What's the point of repentance if there is nothing to repent of?

Did I really say that?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Yes it was!

650 emails and counting as I sat at my desk this morning and everyone that I've trained over the last month or so have walked out...mainly due to being moved to unfamiliar roles for no apparent reason.

I'm all on my own doing battle with a growing mountain of work. When I go to France next week do you think I'll give it another thought?

I was pleased to leave the place and walk with eyes closed across the playing fields with the warm and welcome sun hitting my face. I counted 150 steps before peeking to find I was still dead in line with where I wanted to end up and cracked the first smile of the day.

Its been a busy week and spent most of it away from home and didn't get back until last night. I spent time tiling in Martin's bathroom as well London, Dot's surprise party and Amber's belated 4th July celebrations.

Dot is our friend who has been battling cancer for the last three years. She's pretty special and we were so pleased she was well enough to enjoy it. It was a great night.

Before going to London I had to cut back the virginia creeper...
On the tube...
Bev's choice...

2nd choice...
3rd choice...
I haven't got a look in yet but I wanted to see these too...
The tube back a few stops...
Summer Exhibition...
Going in...
I'm not allowed to take pictures but these are the contemporary paintings I liked...

This is the section I would have been in if chosen...
The work I disliked...especially the pale one in the middle by Tracey Emin painted with acrylic and peeling masking tape entitled 'A Fault Line Of Tears'. The price of £125,000 was way out of line and enough to make anyone cry.
They caught up with me so I couldn't take any more pics, but I loved the Ken Howard paintings and would have snapped them had Bev not have snatched my camera away.

Back in Piccadilly I noticed Eros fighting a losing battle and if you look closer, Brazil were about to fight a losing battle too.
The 'Fourth Plinth' exhibit...

Just one of the many street artists...

I hope I remember how I felt carrying paintings on a rush-hour tube the next time I think how nice it would be to enter paintings for another exhibition.

Was it worth it? Yes, it was!