Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What the heck's a meme? (pronounced mem, memmay, meemee or meem). Who knows? Ah, it's pronounced meem...thank you Randi.

Anyway, I was tagged yesterday and invited to participate, so here is my watered-down version... in dribs and drabs...or is that drips and plops?

There are a number of questions, the answer to which will give the reader a better understanding of the writer. It's a 'Get to know me' exercise...I think!

Question : If I was a time traveller, what era would I live in?
Answer: The future is very tempting but I'll be bewildered, shocked, speechless and will feel useless and stupid as I am with most new experiences.

This obviously needs deep thought so I've decided to change the time period from an era to a day. No, I've changed it again...make that an hour x 24. That makes 24 places I'd like to be without the need to sleep.

First off would be an hour with Christ...I'm sure he'll also help me with my remaining 23 choices...possibly even send me straight back and tell me not to interfere.

If I get the go-ahead I'd like to arrive at Auvers-su-Oise in 1890 and be with Van Gogh just before he shoots himself. So what if you HAVE only sold one painting in your entire life, I'll say. What if you ARE hungry, miserable and pathetic. You are a genius mate, and I'm here to offer my appreciation and £2000 to tide you over... and for goodness sake get yourself a decent hat.
All I ask is you write on the back of one of your paintings THIS ONE IS FOR KEN DEVINE ONLY.

Seriously though, best not tell him he's pathetic, but I'd let him know his paintings will sell for millions and he's appreciated the world over. Hang in there my friend!

I know he'll think I'm the one who is mad and will probably shoot me instead, but I like to think I'll make a difference in an hour. I'll have to spend considerably more than an hour thinking about what I'll REALLY need to say.

Hey, that was brilliant! I love this time travel business. I've just got back! I couldn't save him but we had a good chat. I'll have another go later. Darn it, failed again. Perhaps tomorrow!

I'm going to think about who and where else I'd like to spend an hour with now. It could take quite some time before I get to my fav colour question.

Let me sneak another question in here. Where would I like to be in this next hour? Answer: You think France but no, no,'s Venice. France will be at tea-time!

Back home now. No, really...I wasn't time-travelling, I was walking across the field in real time and now I've arrived. It's quite a novelty to do it the hard way after such an exciting afternoon.

My external hard drive has arrived. Now I can get everything transferred at last which will speed up my computer.

Ash and Amber are off now to the Harry Potter premier all dressed up.

For me it's a case of dressing down, putting my feet up and relaxing...once I've corrected all my spelling mistakes...and emailed my French friend.


  1. What an amazing hour with Van Gogh! It just shows us how it helps to have the eternal perspective with everything we do. That was one of the most thought-provoking answers to a meme (pronounced meem) that I have ever read. More, more, more!

  2. Time-travel is extremely taxing, so I think I might have to move along to a different meme question.

    Thanks for dropping by Randi (and commenting so warmly).