Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of a busy week

Last night was Sarah's birthday party at Frankie & Benny's and the family from all over England attended...except me! I had previously arranged my third activity; Great British Ball, Swimming Gala and...wait for it...a Quiz Night. Even though I missed out being with the family, I had a great time and eventually got home at five to eleven and fell into bed at 1:15am.

The break time...

The question on the screen is...'How is 99 written using the binary system?  The happiest team were the eventual winners (Superman t-shirt).

This morning while Bev took the grandkids to Jolly Jungle to let off steam, my daughter Juli treated me to a 'Daddy & Daughter' breakfast at that lovely place where a past King of England visited (What's good enough for royalty is good enough for us). Our glasses steamed up when we arrived because we walked all the way there, arm in arm in the drizzle. The building is dated about 1600 and is a fine example of  tradition timber-frame construction.
 That's better...
The breakfast...a full English with hot chocolate and whipped cream was fit for any King and the occasion more precious than the crown jewels.

As we walked back home, this pavement caught my eye (it's  outsider the gallery where my paintings will hang once they are framed).

I replaced Bev at JJ so she could go into town and Juli spent some time shopping with Chris.

I know this isn't particularly exciting for blog readers, but it's one of those journal entries of mine.

We've just got back from dropping Ash & Amber's new second-hand car off at Mansfield and have had a KFC.

It has been a busy week and I'm exhausted...but happy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All news...good, bad or indifferent.

Yes, my job has officially gone to India and even though the headlines mention the creation of 300+ jobs here in Newark, I have decided against having one of them. It's time to move on. I know it sounds crazy considering the current climate, but I only need a little part-time job really. If I was a young man, I'd grit my teeth and force myself to enjoy it, but I'm not and I won't, because I can't. It's bad enough that I have to wait until June to finish.

Notice the headline of the accident on the A1 on Monday. While some poor lorry driver was fighting for his life and losing, I was enjoying a romantic traffic-beating walk and making plans for the future. I wonder if he had plans for Valentine's evening too? It's sad.

On our walk, we noticed the new(ish) plush Italian restaurant we liked so much, had closed. We later found out that the owner had died suddenly and the family aren't carrying on with the restaurant.

The Bridge Inn (article above) is less than a five minute walk along the road we live on. I used to go there to watch Sunderland play football on the big screen. I'm glad to see it go as I associate it with frustration, anguish, disbelief and anger :)
I took this picture myself. It was the chimney stack I wanted to catch on film but the camera took too long to switch on.

Look at what I noticed last week when I received my you see anything wrong with the title?

The good news for today is that Trent Galleries have taken 11 of my paintings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It was a Happy Valentine

Roses are red
And some tulips are black
We'll go for a walk
and maybe a snack
I'm bowling you over, aren't I?

Accidents on the A1 either side of Newark meant total gridlock which prevented us from driving to the bowling alley. 

We did go for the walk later...through town and by the river.
 Bev by lamplight

It was cold but nice.

Hot chocolate, a snack and snuggle on the sofa.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


In the last post I said the lions don't bite. I meant to say they don't fight. Perhaps that's why no one guessed it was from the death of a clown, by the Kinks.

Here I am again, this time watching the Sunderland v Spurs game. I just never learn. It's a very good game. Sunderland are superb. We lost! Time to move on.

It has been a tiring week. It started with Bev elbowing me in the ribs at 3:00am and shouting 'Hello!". She heard someone downstairs and wanted me to investigate. I've no idea why she shouted a welcome to our intruders, but I sprang out of bed like a gazelle in order to surprise them. First I had to figure out where I was, then put my glasses on, then my slippers, then my dressing-gown, then find something to whack them with if necessary etc! Did I say gazelle?

The intruder turned out to be MIL not being able to sleep and making an uncharacteristic foray into our part of the house to get something from her trolley. Lucky for her she was back in bed by the time  I got downstairs. Then again, perhaps I was the lucky one.

Spent the rest of the night with an overactive brain and eyes wide open. I've tried in vain to recoup some of those lost hours.

Lat week I finished this book...
I agree with The Daily Mail...'Touching, disgraceful, funny. Highly recommended"

I received my copy of THE book yesterday (with my contribution starting on p41)...
So far it has been touching, disgraceful, funny. Highly recommended.

The film of The Help comes out in the USA in August and I'm really looking forward to it, although I think they chose the wrong book to make a film :)

Time for a quick look around bloggyland while Bev is babysitting over in Mansfield.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On the edge

Random thought...
I've only ever had one cut-throat razor shave in a proper barber's chair with frothy lather and leather strap...just like the western movies. It was in the back streets of Naples and was watched, filmed and cheered by friends.

The above random thought barged in, just as I was thinking about the movie we are going to watch tonight... which happens to clash with the Sunderland v Chelsea football game.

Could it be that listening to a commentary on ANY Sunderland game has me on the edge of my seat with nerves jangling, just as they were with the cut-throat razor experience? Add to this, the fact that we have sold our main striker and Chelsea have just bought the best striker on the planet for £50 million.

Somehow, I'm not expecting a close shave.

I know I always say that the result doesn't matter as much as the performance and passion, but I'm really deluding myself because it does have an effect on me.

Straight after The King's Speech, I'll rush back to catch the result because I still believe in miracles.

Random quiz...where are these words from?

"The lions they don't bite and the tigers won't roar'.

Let's hope it's true of Chelsea and that Sunderland are razor sharp tonight.