Saturday, April 12, 2014

Golden Hour

Entertaining Edith and Finley.

Or is that the other way round? Seems like they are entertaining us.

An hour with grandkids is never time lasts forever. 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pendle Hill

Not the best of weather, but it was good to get outdoors and blow those cobwebs away last Monday.

Pendle Hill has its associations with witches as well as being a very spiritual place. George Fox (founder of the Quakers) climbed the hill in 1652 and had this to say...

As we traveled we came near a very great hill, called Pendle
Hill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of it; which I did with difficulty, it was so very steep and high. When I was come to the top, I saw the sea bordering upon Lancashire.  From the top of this hill the Lord let me see in what places he had a great people to be gathered.  As I went down, I found a spring of water in the side of the hill, with which I refreshed myself, having eaten or drunk but little for several days before.*
At night we came to an inn, and declared truth to the man of
the house, and wrote a paper to the priests and professors,
declaring the day of the Lord, and that Christ was come to teach people Himself, by His power and Spirit in their hearts, and to bring people off from all the world's ways and teachers, to His own free teaching, who had bought them, and was the Saviour of all them that believed in Him.  The man of the house spread the paper abroad, and was mightily affected with the truth.  Here the Lord opened unto me, and let me see a great people in white raiment by a river side, coming to the Lord; and the place that I saw them in was about Wensleydale and Sedbergh.
* This spring is still called "George Fox's well."

Anyway, it's 2014 and it's our turn to climb it.

A good place to park...and start. I hope it isn't as steep as George says it is.

We don't see many of these around nowadays.

 Good morning!

A bridge too far...and we haven't really started the walk yet.

These ewes were very protective. What a racket.

 I love this photo of Bev's little hands.

Eileen on top of the world...or getting there.

She's loving those walking sticks.

Quite steep.

Final push?

 her own world and at her own pace. While we had our little rests, Bev would keep going.

Can't be much further.

At last!

Too misty for spectacular views up here, but well worth the climb.

Getting down is a bit trickier. It's not the same way back down and we aren't sure of the way.

This way, folks! The views would have been tremendous on a sunny day.

Yes, you go up even when you're coming down.

Well, there goes another Monday and a good day out.

Check out Pendle Hill on google...its worth reading about.