Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another week in pictures

Danny helping to clear the area.

Good Job done, boys.

Making use of some of the logs...until we find a better use.

One of the new compost areas in the front garden, plus another wall of logs.

Timber ready for the Flinn's next visit.

 Keeping the pests at, not the grandkids.

 Quiberon with the Goslings.

 The waves are up and they're loving it.


Josselin Market...I bought two antique garden tools and a good pair of garden gloves for 9 euros.
Holly bought a bracelet and sweets. Danny bought the biggest jaw-breaker I've ever seen, Abs bought a bracelet and sweets, Aimee bought presents, Emm bought the same and Bev had a nervous breakdown :)

Yvon's pond.

 Feeding time.

Blackberry picking. Hollie guessed how many we picked and won a prize.

Danny avoiding stepping on frogs.

The trampoline is still getting well used along with the outdoor and indoor games.
They went to Billio Fest-Noz and swam in the Lido (in the pouring rain)

They never seem to tire the way us golden oldies do.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The week in pictures.

Off to Lac Au Duc 

Getting to the root of the problem. 

Time to tidy the corner. 

Nature trail. 

Home made pizza time... grandkids style. 

Danny operating the new wood splitter. 

Time to go to the tip with these old stumps (Thanks Dr. Gosling for the help). 

Some of the wood Danny split. 

Stacked...the pile is five feet deep.

It isn't everything we did, just the things we took photos of. It was a good week and not too taxing...although Bev is bushed right now. She's done virtually everything with them.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Two books, no more Crockett and a death wish.

I needed a light read after finishing The Price We Paid.

Crockett followed Dan's parents to Billio but didn't follow them back. I'm slightly relieved because she was becoming quite a nuisance and almost impossible to keep from under our feet...she had a death wish... but we'll miss her. She was the friendliest kitten I've ever known.

Speaking of death wishes...a wasp has just confronted Emm . The wasp is now dead, having stung her on the foot.  Emm is convinced  she'll be following it soon:)

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Juli arrives...England / France / Belgium / Bel-Air

It's a long story, but I don't think she got on particularly well with the onboard navigation.

First job is to put the trampoline up while Juli sleeps.

What next?

Hollie finds the instructions. 

Anna-Belle with the long bendy poles. 

All done! 

A quiet spot for David. 

Catching up. It's the Flinns last day. 

 Water pistol time.

Four people in conversation.

 Eileen's friend.

Grass snake that David teased the kids with.

David introduces the kids to the tree house he made.

Danny doesn't think Emmaleigh can make it.

David also introduces Crockett to the tree house.

And it can't get down. 

She makes it to the top. 

 Bobbie catching bubbles.

 David giving them their marching orders.

Katy and Joseph. 

 Trapping mum under the chute.

David with his injured foot. 

 Hollie being quiet (but not for long).

Crockett and Aimee reading.

Portrait of isn't our cat but it's been around here for a few weeks and we don't know who it belongs to.

 Juli removing a splinter from her mum's foot.


Emm won (just!) 

Crockett and me enjoying a snooze this afternoon.