Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainbows, Martin, magic and me.

A comment from Auntie M on Randi's blog on Sunday mentioned a rainbow.

I still can't get over seeing so many double rainbows over the last 3/4 months. They really lift my spirit and make me want to stop and stare in awe.

The last two have been whilst driving and I've had to crane my neck so as not to lose sight of it as I twist and turn on our bendy roads.

I've noticed that sometimes, and I don't know why, I wake up with the same feeling as when I see and follow a rainbow. I wish I could replicate it. I wish I could catch it too. I always feel like I can drive right underneath one, but I never get anywhere near it. It's always just ahead of me.

At the moment I'm feeling 1/4 rainbow, which isn't bad really, and the only thing I'm likely to catch isn't a rainbow, but this dreadful swine flu.

I'm feeling more anxious as time goes by that I might catch it the very week I go to France in three weeks time. There are more and more people here at work who are falling foul of it and I feel sure it's only a matter of time before it taps me on the shoulder and introduces itself.

I know I'm in danger here of being perceived as weird but If I could volunteer to have it next week, I'd jump at the chance under the premise that it'll be all done and dusted in a week and my holiday will be swine, chicken, Asian, German or any other perculiarly named flu. Sorry Germany...yours was the measles not the flu.

Tonight I'm off to see Harry Potter with one of my sons. It'll be a welcome diversion albeit a temporary escape from ever-pressing reality...not that life is all that bad at the moment.

I read today of Joseph Figlock from Detroit who, in 1937, had a baby land on him as it fell 4 stories from a block of flats. Both of them survived. A year later the same man had a two-year-old boy land on him from a 4th story window. Both survived again. It was an incredible coincidence, but would you say they were both lucky? Were they having a good or a bad day?

Sometimes I think it's difficult to say if a day is good or bad and when you think it's bad, it often has a silver lining.

I've included this thought to remind me that I haven't had a 100% bad day as far as I can recall.

The weather was bad, the company good, the film magical and rainbows...majestic!


  1. I would say Joseph is a guardian angel of sorts. Both babies would have surely died.

    I loved your comparison of dreams and rainbows. Both are fleeting and so hard to pin down. Rainbows never get old, do they?

    Good post, Ken. I so enjoy reading your thoughts.

  2. Hi Randi
    Can you pin a rainbow down? If it's possible I'd like to add it to my bucket list.
    Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the compliment.