Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why am I not surprised?

Endless days of sorting and packing and dealing with solicitors. The clock is ticking and there is still seemingly too much to do.

Yesterday I tried to arrange our settee and easy chair to be cleaned under the agreement we had when we bought it. The sofa has a minor stain and we thought it best to have it cleaned professionally before selling it.They apparently don't clean the whole sofa and you have to identify any stain or mark along with who had the accident and when. According to paperwork, we had until 2014 to take advantage of our right to have the work done. In short, there are so many restrictions and questions which are virtually impossible to answer that any possibility I might have satisfaction is nothing short of a pipe dream. It was truly laughable and I finished up giving them a piece of my mind and a clean set of heels.

I managed to clean the area myself without it affecting the surrounding material, but the stain of this company's deceit has left an indelible mark on me. Be warned anyone who has seemingly bought protection and peace of mind.

They have joined my ever growing list of morally bankrupt organisations and individuals who are doing their best to sway me from my opinion that people are basically good.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Sure Bet

People bet with money they can ill afford in the vain hope of beating the odds that are so obviously stacked against them.

A great deal of insurance  is something you pay but can ill afford, knowing (and hoping) that the odds are sufficiently stacked against you for any sort of return.

You can bet on me having unkind feelings about both professions.

Here's a few more...

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S - - - - - - - - s
A - - - - - - - - - s
T - - - - - - - s

I reckon to be an angry old codger, because I have a long, long list of things that irritate me. Thankfully, it isn't as long as the list that pleases me.

I'm currently deciding on whether I should get involved with paying for searches on a property that have previously been carried out...several times.

Someone in authority decided to give such searches a shelf life, thus forcing all but cash buyers to pay for new ones. As a Cash buyer, they are strongly encouraging me to pay again, even though an insurance policy at a fraction of the price would cover all eventualities.

I do get tired of people who continually say 'What if...?"