Saturday, April 20, 2013


The house sale in Newark went ahead while I was in France. When I got back we drove to Sunderland to complete on the house we are buying there...didn't complete until Wednesday, leaving us just a few days to clean all the carpets, fix everything that needed fixing, prepare the landlords paperwork (thanks Juli), and thoroughly clean and decorate throughout. Our tenants are now in.

It was good to meet up with David and Eileen at the PrestonTemple on Tuesday and loved the drive back through the Lake District to the North-East.

I enjoyed meeting up with my sister Susan to visit family before going to Ikea last night with Bev...did you know it's cheaper to buy wardrobes in France and the interior bits in England?

Today it's all hands on deck to help Chris and Juli as they start moving house...she's remarkably excited about the prospect and is full of energy. We, on the other hand, are numb and past it!

When we are done in Sunderland, it's back to Newark before flying off for a mystery holiday break. Then it's France at more work (at least Bev can rest up).

Time to get these old bones moving again on a day that I would prefer watching Sunderland and Everton doing all the running about just down the road at the Stadium of Light.

Thanks for the use of your computer, Juli.

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  1. Always good to read about your travels, house work and short trips to Ikea etc Ken. These are acknoledged in my book as well. Thanks