Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where is my adversity?

What trials do I have in life? I'm not confined to a wheelchair. The last time I checked, all my limbs were where they should be and my senses along with all my other bits are fully functioning.

I'm not in debt, prison, hospitalised or institutionalised. I don't have an overly-embarassing body. I'm of reasonable intelligence and live in a peaceful environment. I have full time employment, good health and opportunity. I live in a land of freedom. No one hates me or wishes me harm. Yes, I do have children, and a mother-in-law, but the kids have left home now... so that leaves just the one trial in my life...just kidding!

I mention this because the topics at Church today were on adversity. I just don't get it! I understand it, but just don't get it!

Do I want it? No. Will I get it? Yes! When? Dunno! Am I prepared for it? Well...not really.

Perhaps I've already had my share of it... I was born in Sunderland after all. We lived in a deprived area and were so poor that I went to school in 'Wellies' summer!
I'm sure I had second-hand nappies because we never bought anything new other than food, and I even have my doubts about that.

I was run over by a milk truck and almost died. I've fallen through the first floor of a derelict house and almost died. I've a sister that WOULD have died had I caught her after she cut my hair and left me with bald patches. I was taken into care (nothing to do with chasing my sister).

I've been chased, beaten, robbed, shot, spat and sworn at. I've been senseless, shameless, homeless and penniless. And yes, for a brief spell, incarcerated.

I've been frozen with fear on the side of a rock face; Frozen with fear sat on the edge of an open door of an airplane, and frozen with fear on that car roof out at sea...not to mention other terrifying situations relating to various seas throughout the world.

I've been abandoned and let down by friends. I've been humiliated, insulted, pittied, lied to and laughed at, hungry, alone, frightened and I once suffered a gas blast and had my eyes knitted together as a result.

It's been a good life!

I've got old age and poor health to look forward to as well as possible injury, disease, loneliness and certain death.

Why am I so happy? Well, if you think I've just reeled off a long list of bad things, it's nothing compared to the good things. it really isn't.

Mortality is pretty cool...even for those who don't live in a land of freedom and plenty. Even for those without limbs or senses. Even for those without wealth, good looks, youth or good health.

Mind you, I'm not so sure about those who are physically, sexually or mentally abused. What a living hell that must be.

Such were my thoughts this morning along with gratitude for the knowledge I have of a God.

Some things in life are pretty tragic, but I'm not one who subscribes to the thought that God should necessarily interfere with the free agency of His children. He didn't step in to help His Son in Gethsemane for a reason.

Right! What now?

I'm thinking lunch, a few phone calls, plans for the future and getting up to date with my finances. Also a walk and talk would be good. And yes Jon, I will upload those photographs today.

On the way to the graduation, Nottingham City Centre turned into a funfair and beach...

Bev waiting patiently for Jon to arrive...

And me...

Waiting for the ceremony...same place that we saw Donny...

Serene and her quirky irregular choice shoes...It's tradition...At the Fat Cat...

with a few friends...


  1. What a beautiful post on gratitude and serenity. It sounds like you have had quite the exciting life! If you don't have a share of adversity right now, I'd say maybe you've paid your dues! But then, it seems we are always in debt to the Savior and so adversity comes our way again...and so it goes.

  2. Hi Randi
    You're right! But it was a nice thought while it lasted.

    I'm ready for you, adversity! Come and get me, I'm expecting you. Do your worst! (scrub that last bit).