Thursday, February 18, 2016

Time is flying! Journal update 8th - 18th Feb.

The Studio is all ready for me now. Everything is organised.

The upstairs cupboard door is fitted and stained along with the skirting.  

Time to help Martin and Colette with their utility room.
Prfeviously poor quality stone on show, now breathable stone coloured render.

Then it was over to Dave and Sandra to do the same in their conservatory.
Again, previously poor quality stone, now off white breathable render to be painted.  They tell me it's now all painted with artwork and furniture.

The storms on Friday heaped devastation on Yvon's unprotected woods.  More than twenty came down.

We've also been busy outside in the garden doing all kinds of things.  It's so good to be out and about.  
  • Bev beat me at archery this week in Josselin.
  • I wrote a letter of complaint to the mayor of Cruguel.
  • The mayor of Billio died this week (at just 52).
  • Visited Hubert and Karen.
  • Visited Syd and Didi.
  • Dave beat us at 'Tens' yesterday, but I still helped him cut his trees into chunks.
  • Drove over to Dave and Rachel earlier in the week.
  • Bev went to Vannes with Dave and Annie to help them with their Carte Gris.
  • Then she drove to Ploermel to put new front tyres on the car.
  • Today we have French at Marthe's and it's our turn to clean the chapel tonight, so we'll go straight after our lesson.

Almost forgot...the farmers dispute blocked the motorway so we couldn't have our day out, but fortunately there was another way round, so after visiting Dave and Rachel, we set off for the coast.

La plage de la Mine-d'Or - Pénestin

It's lovely. You can walk for miles on this beach. 

Busy two weeks so far.