Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last week...

Monday of last week we dropped the grandkids of in Sunderland and drove over to Preston to spend a couple of days in the temple and catch up with friends.

Arriving at the Flinns house Wednesday evening. I think Bev was really tired by now, so I went alone to see Jon and Ann.

Thursday we visited mum in Mansfield along with Michael and Brenda.
We then dashed over to Nottingham to buy a second hand velux window to take back to France.

Friday was a visit to Newark and then on to the vale of Belvoir to see my brother. He has a few lambs now...

 and a 1953 tractor. We dropped in to see Bev's brother but there was no sign of him around...the Coys were also not at home. We were luckier with Dave and Helen over in Cotgrave on our way home.

Saturday was Austin's baptism back in Mansfield. Bev helping with setting the tables. 

Serene setting up Austin's special table.

Serene made these cupcakes.

Grace and Liliya arriving for the baptism service. Finley just in picture.

Grandma looking happy (thanks to Clare who picked her up)

Austin arrives.

Almost time.

Serene beginning to relax now that the baptism is over and the food is all prepared and ready. She did a really fantastic job.

John Flinn and the twins...Asher is also there somewhere as well as Hannah.

Bev is getting stuck in.

One of the kiddies tables.

We had a brilliant family of the best! It was also good to see so many of our friends that we haven't seen in ages. 

We finished the day with a meal with Jon and Ann, a game of 10's and last minute packing.

It was really good on Sunday morning to see all our friends at church in Nottingham.

We watched our boat coming in Sunday evening, sitting in the car by the beach.

On our way.

Goodbye Portsmouth.

We're going home, Ken!

The sun sets on a perfect day.

A good night's sleep and then we arrive in St Malo.

The only disappointing part of the week was the non-arrival of our 13th grandchild who was due to make an appearance. It was great to see Amber though, and she isn't surprised at being overdue...why should their third be any different? 

What a month! I only need to upload the photos of our visit to the UK at the beginning of the month when we attended Anna-Belle's baptism and family gathering .

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A few more...

Some photos I forgot to add.
Safely landed with Hollie, Danny and Abs...10 days ago.

Our last day at Lac Au Duc.  

Frisbee with Danny...again!

Worn out!

On the way to St Malo they loved McD for some reason...especially the play area.

On the ferry home.

Hollie back from her dancing... She was the only one on the floor before being joined by Abs.

Friday, April 17, 2015


It's been a busy time with the grandkids.
Monday was a trip to the adventure playground near Carnac but the camera was left behind for some reason. Tuesday was Kervillen beach...with the camera.

Oops! Sea spray on the lens.

Wave hopping...Bev in the background under the brolly.

Frisbee with Danny.

Home made fishing nets.

It was a long day! It was a memorable day! It was a great day!