Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well done Serene

It's one of those Summer mornings...bright, colourful and with the air of optimism, opportunity and expectation. As yet, it's quiet but pretty soon someone will be stirring in this household other than me. I think everyone is taking advantage of the fact that it isn't a work day...everyone being Bev. She deserves a lie-in.

We are heading for Nottingham later this morning to attend Serene's degree ceremony and afterwards for a celebratory meal. It's also her birthday so I imagine she'll be bubbling with excitement.

I'm into my studio for two hours to progress the painting panels and perhaps later on, source some bricks that I'll need, as I don't quite have enough for my wall.

Tom phoned last night to say he has some rosemary tiles and blue bricks for me. I also spoke to a neighbour 15 doors down the road about his wrought iron, so things are moving in the right direction. I'm happy.

Yes, if I can just steer clear of a newspaper, radio bulletin and TV news updates it'll be a great day!

We drove to the Park and Ride and met Martin as we got off the bus. After a very nice lunch from Subway-which we ate on a bench in the sunshine, we let Martin get back to work and made our way through the city centre. It was a carnival atmosphere and it was great to see the square transformed into a beach and everyone in deck chairs.

Jon eventually turned up at the Royal Concert Hall and we took our seats for the ceremony. Serene waved as if she hadn't seen us in years. She was so excited.

After the ceremony we were surprised to come out to rain, but that didn't deter Serene as she enjoyed her walk through town in her cap and gown to the Fat Cat restaurant, where we enjoyed a fine meal.

We are back home now and very tired after a long, long day.

A few photographs...


  1. where are the photos then?

  2. Hi Jon
    It's nice to have you drop by. Don't worry, I'll have the photos up pretty soon...Saturday evening probably.

    The indoor pics are a little disappointing but all the outdoor one's are fine.

    It was a brilliant day, wasn't it?