Friday, October 23, 2015

Just for D&E

Shrubs planted.

Current view from D&E's bathroom.  You can see light through the trees now.

This is the view looking back to Bel-Air. 

Quite a difference, but when it's all cleared, it'll be bathed in sunlight and more pleasant to walk in than we think.

The area right of the main gates is untouched.

News of the day.
Thanks to Martin, I discovered today what the problem was with my sit-on mower.  
I finished Madonna's latest book 'Serendipity', which includes two of my stories.  Madonna Dries Christensen that is...not the singer.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

All alone again

Our final visitors for the year should now be on their way to Sunderland, having been picked up from East Midlands Airport. We've been fortunate with the weather.

Tuesday at the beach.

Boarding in late October surely can't be that much fun.

How Sophie's barn used to look.

Sophie's barn finished.

Early evening boules.

Emm falling over the barrier. Aimee wins with me second.

Devastation in Yvon's woods.

This area leading up to Yvon's wood cabin was thick with trees a few days ago. I'll go and take some daytime photos when they've finished.  It's all very sad to see.

A trip to Lizio's Economusee yesterday.

These contraptions are amazing...all fully moving with bells , drums and whistles. The place is packed inside and out with this sort of thing.

The owner (two years younger than me) upcycles just about everything. 

This reminded me of a work of art by Miro.

I loved this wired-up discarded mannequin who turns her head, lifts her arms and plays the organ.

Next year should be very interesting if what I see at the bottom of his garden comes to fruition.

Having lunch on the way to the airport today.

Yes, it was Buffalo Grill.

It was really good having you here.  See you in a few weeks when we come over.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Over the hill

We're off to the airport  tomorrow... can't believe how quickly the time has flown. The big bonus was the willingness of our visitors to help us to get rid of this mound...while still having a fun holiday.

It looks really small, but in reality it wasn't. We tried to shape it over the past year or so...

but it didn't work. The weeds just grew again and we didn't really know what to do with it.

The decision was made to level it, took a few hours a day for over a week, but it was worth it.
This photo gives an idea of how large the area was.

Reclaimed and almost ready to seed. The wall will need  building properly, but for now we can enjoy a well earned rest.

We riddled all the soil and used it to top the flower beds and the dips in the lawn. We still have a pile left.

Thanks, Michael, Emm and Aimee (and Bev)'ve been brilliant!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Saturday was a chill day. We visited Josselin market, had lunch out and picked up another load of slate from Rod.  The afternoon was spent seeding the back garden and trying to get rid of wasps.

Michael actually dipping into his wallet.

The Guethenoc...where we'll have lunch.  I've just noticed the man sitting down with his friends is the man who is mending our mower.

In Dave and Becky Hadley's shop.

Waiting for the others to arrive for lunch. The place was crammed in just one hour.

Here they come!  

After church today we took a walk around Quiberon and a couple of places on the way back home.
While we were doing this, our 14th grandchild was being born...Eleanor Josie.

So, this is Quiberon, and there's Aimee and Emm getting the best view.


I can understand why it's called the Cote Sauvage. It's beautiful!

Michael taking a break.

 Anything you can do...

I can do better.

It may be 18 degrees but that water is freezing!


Bev and Michel are reminiscing down there while I'm up here with the girls.

Brother and sister rejoin the group.

A late lunch.

And here she is... baby Eleanor Josie Poulton. Well done Juli... and congratulations to you both!