Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Post

Like General Custer I'm feeling overwhelmed and have decided, unlike him, to surrender before I become a casualty.

I began this journal in April, 2009 and thought I'd be making entries until I drop, but now that I am painting full-time, I feel the need to de-clutter.

Genealogy is one area that I've neglected over the years and need to make space for.

Once my other blog (Destination Brittany) is up to date and categorised, I will be leaving that as a complete record for visitors.

I will continue to visit my good blogger friends and hope they will be friends with me on facebook or visit my art blog which, unlike this one WILL be around in one form or another until my last breath.

Thank you for all your comments over the years...I really do appreciate them.

Finally...this is not goodbye. KEEP IN TOUCH!

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  1. I can certainly understand your feelings. I had moments this week where I almost wrote the "Goodbye Blogland" post. I admire you for knowing when things are getting too overwhelming, and doing something about it before there are ill consequences. Okay, that what the decent side of me says.

    Now for the whiny side---What???? You're not blogging here anymore? I have to get used to going to your other blogs now? (I'm a creature of habit, what can I say.)

    Good luck on your genealogy. I know it's important, so I wish you many miracles.

    I'm happy that you get to paint more now. I always enjoy your new pieces. Maybe you and rb should collaborate on a calendar next. :)

  2. Thanks, Gaynor. I don't know too much about you other than I THINK you are a teacher and have a place in France...or is it that you visit France and like to read about things French. Whatever...I have appreciated you dropping by from time to time.

    Hi Randi
    You never cease to put a smile on my face. I'm surprised you have managed to blog for so long considering how jam-packed your life is. I do enjoy your wit when you do blog, though, so don't think about quitting!
    You are so intuitive...perhaps one of my goals for next year WILL be a collaboration with rb...unless Joan beats me to it :)

  3. Am so pleased that you are able to concentrate on painting Ken, and look forward to seeing your work in the future. Sometimes I think that my blog is going to wind down, and I suppose it will do at some stage in the future. I think it will be when I have the Labartere web site up and running. Anyway, been nice to keep company with you for a while. x

  4. Thanks, Vera. I look forward to reading more of your exploits until the website is up and running.
    Wishing you a warmer winter than what your've been accustomed to.

  5. You are a gifted artist Ken and I so understand your need to focus all your wonderful energy on your paintings. I know that you'll be around the blogosphere once in a while. I'll continue to visit your art blog. Thanks for your words of encouragement to me always.

  6. Ken, I am sad to see you go as I enjoyed your ramblings. They were often moving and stimulating. One of the great things about blogging is the chance to have a rant or a chuckle in what is both a public and private way at the same time.

    I have enjoyed rubbing shoulders with you in our parallel universe!

    Best wishes for your future and your pursuits. I will keep an eye on your other blogs.

  7. Oh no Ken...:( Well, that's the first typically Taurean reaction...I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I am glad you are happy in what you are doing.

    I would love to connect on Face Book, and will do so as soon as I sort out the glitch that has come up; right now I'm unable to log in and all attempts to reset my password are in vain. Do give me your FB Id.

    Do keep in touch. Will miss your blog, which I enjoyed so much.

  8. Let me know where to find you on Facebook, Ken!

  9. Hi Septembermom
    Actually, it's everything else at the moment that seems to take up all my time...I think you more than anyone else can understand how crammed a life can be.
    Of course I'll continue to visit.

    Hi Jean
    And I have enjoyed rubbing shoulders with you, too.
    I've already been tempted to post again but resisted at the last moment.
    I'll manage to find time as always to visit my favourite blogs...yours included.

    Hi Khushi
    I look forward to keeping contact via FB. I have a link on my art blog which also links to my main page.

    Hi Tess
    I see you have already found me on FB.