Saturday, January 09, 2010

Work, rest...then play.

That car on our drive reminds me of Bev in the 70's sitting at the side of a dance hall waiting to be asked to dance. I think to myself...'I see you stranger and you sure look good to me!' Shall I tell her that I would love to dance with her? I will dance with her. I did dance with her...eventually! And we've been dancing ever since.

That car sure looks good to me. I'm not going to start talking to it but soon I'll get to know it better. I will!

We worked hard on the bedroom and it's now all ready for the carpet to go down next Thursday. It was supposed to have been today, but they couldn't make it. It's just as well because there was more work than we thought. Tomorrow I'll take a picture or two and post them.

I got the call around lunch-time that church has been cancelled tomorrow. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I've never known church to be cancelled before. I was both stunned and elated because I don't have to finish my talk now. So relieved!

Tomorrow will be a day of rest in every sense of the word. Next week...playtime! A nice drive!


  1. A new car - how lovely. If I were you I would take the bus or walk until the roads are better. Our "new" car will be four years old this June but I still park it as far away from everyone else in the car parks. Even so, it has one dent in a door where some selfish b...... opened their door into mine on a ferry, where you have no choice about where to park. Also a series of horizontal scratches on another door - no idea how they occurred.

  2. Mmmm...we have to board a ferry sooner or later. I never thought about that.