Monday, January 25, 2010

As you were...

I tried it but didn't like flitting backwards and forwards between the three blogs, so I've brought my art back here until I can create a suitable website. 
That's it! All done!
Last post from the art blog...
The Royal Academy forms have arrived so what to paint is on my mind. I've also been thinking of how much painting time I have. 17 days would be too tight for framing so in real terms I have just 14 painting days left...that's a selection of two from the six to eight paintings I'm likely to produce.

I'm abandoning detail and will be going for free, loose, bright, colourful and intuitive... none of which are in evidence with this batch. Today was good and I've almost finished a painting that can possibly be a contender. No, it won't be on show today.  In fact I won't be showing any new work until I've finished the batch to showcase sometime just prior to framing in March.

I'll have an online exhibition to canvas opinion as to which two to choose.

These paintings won't be up for selection...a combination of new and previously unfinished work.

This one has had a change of sea colour and a little overhaul...

This is a giclee of Positano which I've embellished with oil...I have fond memories of being there.

As is this one...but of Cornwall. You may recognise the scene from a recent oil.

A different interpretation of the same scene...

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying painting again. My working day begins at 8:00am and reluctantly finishes around 6:00pm.

I paint to loud music most of the time and turned-down radio for a few hours. I don't particularly like painting in silence for longer than an hour.

MIL has to ring the bell at the bottom of the stairs if she wants my's the only thing louder than her dulcet tones.

Did I say dulcet?


  1. Hi Ken,
    I have sent you one of those awards that do the rounds. I hope you like it. You have to check in at my bead blog to get it.

    There are conditions attached, though...!