Monday, January 11, 2010

Uneasy start and fading memory.

I did it!
I drove the car to work before Bev took over to drive the extra little bit to her place of work.

I reversed into the main road (illegal).  Then I went to grab a non-existent gear stick (it wasn't where I expected it to be).
The deaf man who delivered the car must have used the sat-nav because suddenly a very loud woman frightened the life out of me by giving me directions to go back. I was however proud that I pulled the correct arm to make the indicator rather than the wipers work.

All in all it was a good experience...we'll get on fine together given time.

Phoned my sister to wish her happy birthday for last week. I must remember to get it right for next year.


  1. hello fellow quangster. I threw you in my reader recently and have been enjoying your posts!

    I've gotten myself into unsafe situations in strange cars not knowing what is where and which is which, so no matter how much I'd like to drive off as soon as I get into a car, I will make myself stop, pretend to go through all the motions (where's the turn indicator, where's the lights, where's the wipers, where's the parking brake, and yeah, where's the gear shift!

    thank goodness no loud women has ever told me where to go.. it would likely give me nightmares.

    Lastly, I have been forgetting my bro's birthday for about 20 years. Every single year. It's quite funny. Both my sister and I forget bro's b-day. Every single year, we remind each other a few days before his b-day and then somehow his b-day rolls around and we'll have both missed it.

    Good thing he doesn't mind.

  2. I keep changing from a 4 x 4 automatic, to a tiny Peugeot with a stick shift!. The grass seems so high too.

    The bedstead looks great in your new bedroom, what a job, and the room looks looks very smart!

  3. Hmmmm... glad that you got to 'play' in your new car, Ken. My dad had a similar experience, reaching for a non-existent gear stick and fumbling his way through a set of red 'robots' (as the South Africans call 'traffic lights'), when we first arrived in Johannesburg. Had a chuckle about your nav woman. We've often jumped in our seats "turn at the next available intersection"... You want to shout "OK!"

  4. Scary, eh ??!
    Our most bizarre experience with a new car was actually in picking up a hire car at Pheonix, Arizona. The car park was humungously large and we were dropped off by the shuttle with the instruction to help ourselves to any vehicle in a long line of 4-wheel drives. They all had the keys in but we couldn't get any of them to start and couldn't even find how to move the seat forward so we could reach the pedals. There were no instruction manuals in the cars. After about an hour we had managed to walk it back to the airport office and ask for help. They thought we were completely daft. Then once we got one going we couldn't find our way out of the airport. Funny now, but at the time.......

  5. Hi Daisy
    You sound methodical and there is perhaps method in your forgetfulness. Either way, thanks for dropping by and sharing some of your life experiences.

    Hi Blu
    A two car family eh! Two cars would totally confuse me.
    The room isn't used until Friday which is the only reason it's smart. You should check the spare room out. Bev has given me my orders...nothing left lying on the floor!

    Hi Helen
    I'm swapping the Irish woman for an Englishman so that I don't live in fear of her next command. I like to think I'm King of my castle and the feeling of being hen-pecked doesn't go with the image.

    Jean...that's so funny and worthy of a post all on its own. How brave you are to admit to being what's the word I'm looking for?