Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need to be stronger...

It was Bev's night out and my French night in, but the DVD wouldn't work and the Manchester derby was about to start. The  result was a fantastic game  and victory over the French language. Perhaps tomorrow evening I'll have more will-power. Okay, there's no perhaps about it. I will be stronger and concentrate on my French.

In footballing terms though I think I'm cured. Sunderland suffered their heaviest defeat in their Premiership history on Saturday...and I wasn't physically sick. I didn't even give it another thought. It no longer has a grip on me. It's time to take a grip on myself. I'm a grown man for goodness sake. Who cares what happens in the football world anyway?



  1. As someone who tried to revise my schoolgirl French before we came out here almost seven years ago now - it didn't work until watching French telly, reading French papers and chatting lots and lots with our neighbours.

    Having done that for about five years and then doing an OU course, followed by two hours every Friday with the best French teacher in Brittany - well, I'm now almost fluent and Mr FF is totally fluent (hence him landing the job in Paris in which he works the whole time in French - and he remembered less from school than I did.)

    So I say, enjoy your footie and your leisure and when you finally make the permanent move to France, well there will be time to learn it properly

  2. Actually I have mis-remembered - I did the OU course after we had been here about nine months. It is a basic beginners course and it somehow unlocked a lot of my O-Level French. Then I topped it up with the reading etc.

  3. We have a private lesson in French conversation for two hours every couple of weeks. The teacher used to do a local authority evening class that folded but this is much better although hard work. Well worth the money as we don't find ourselves either out of our depth or going over stuff we know already.
    I find that learning is more difficult now, the information doesn't stick like it used to, but we are making progress and talking French regularly definitely helps.

  4. Don't worry about speaking French. Before we came here we had the same intent to learn as you have, but other things got in the way so it wasn't done. Even now, our intent keeps getting knocked sideways by other diversions. Nevertheless we are managing. And you will to.

  5. Hi FF
    I'm impressed! I wonder if I can pick up French TV with Virgin Media?
    I can't bear the thought of waiting till I move to France...I'll be way too old.

    Hi Jean
    Perhaps I should put some feelers out! When you say that the information doesn't seem to stick...that's exactly what I think will happen if I wait too long.

    Hi Vera
    We have been managing up to now, but it gets a little awkward trying to communicate with the neighbours. We always have a new resolve to do better after such encounters.