Friday, January 01, 2010

An omen?

I woke up to bright sunshine and an overwhelming feeling of optimism.  It's going to be a great year!

I found Bev already up and watching Sheila Hancock on TV tracing her genealogy.

When I checked my blog, Marie-Jose (my French friend) had left a comment...her very first comment on my very last post.  So the first things that I experienced in 2010 was sunshine, warmth, a feeling of optimism, genealogy and a communication in French. I'm well happy!

I also notice that on the very first day of 2010 I have broken my first resolution by posting.  That has to be failure in a spectacularly quick time, although it's not failure at all is it? What I so often view as failure is nothing more than a desire to do better in an area that I recognise I'd like to spend more time in than I am.

I'm ready to tackle the first job of the year...the bedroom.

It's almost 6pm and I've had enough of the bedroom. The ceiling is almost ready to paint now and the coving is up and walls prepared. With luck, tomorrow will see the ceiling painted and the walls papered.

Bev feeling better after being off-colour most of the day.

Time to relax and make plans and then begin my first French study period.


  1. Oh I must check back and see if finishing the wall is on your list of resolutions. I don't make any any more - too disappointed when I broke them.

  2. p.s. Si tu es intéressé - Lorsque tu habiter définitivement en Bretagne, je connais un très bon professeur de français qui visite les gens dans leurs maisons.

  3. Oh, I'll definitely get a point for the wall Julie. The wrought iron may not be fixed but it was not included in the original goal anyway.

    You MUST set goals! If they are practical enough, you'll feel great when you make them a reality (says I, who only ever achieve about 50%).

    A travelling French teacher sounds perfect. Would you have an idea of the cost involved if we were living there right now?

  4. well, he charges each household €20 an hour (so if there is 1,2 or more people it's covered by that figure) and he is the best teacher ever - here is a link extolling his virtues - and you'll probably be able to guess which poster I am on there