Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Its arrived!

Bucket loads of snow! I walked back home after work across the playing fields that I'd walked in Summer in a t-shirt with the sun beating down on me. This time, I was wrapped up with multi-layers and it was freezing but it felt magical to hear the scrunch of fresh snow underfoot. There's much more to come apparently. It's the worst winter for 20 years and the news is that the big freeze could last until March.

It's causing national devastation as usual and I fully expected to hear that our car could not be delivered because of the conditions, but there it was in the drive. It stopped me in my tracks. I eventually moved again and circled it a few times before entering the house with a smile.

I wouldn't dare take it on the road at the moment but I've already enjoyed sitting in it. I'll probably twitch the curtains tonight. Tomorrow I'll pause to admire it as I pass by on the way to work. By the weekend I won't even notice it.

The ceiling in the bedroom is painted and the room is papered with this amazing fibreglass wide roll mesh that B&Q used to sell here in Nottingham. Juli kindly picked a roll up for us from the Sunderland store...yes, one roll has covered the entire room with lots to spare.

I'd like to take credit for all the hard work, but Bev is the one that put the stuff on the walls and painted it. She's done a fantastic job. We're a good team.   I do what she doesn't like doing and she does what I can't do.

There is snow on the ground, something on our drive, something on our walls and something on my mind right now...my French commitment. Gotta go!


  1. Have you thrown a snowball at grandma Bev yet?

  2. We were too busy holding onto each other on the slippery paths to get far enough away from each other to throw a snowball. I'll wait until she answers the door tonight to throw one and then and see if I get any tea...or if there is anything I can salvage from our marriage.

  3. That syndrome where something new and wonderful is our prize possession for a little while is so much fun. My first ever flat had my first ever furniture that I bought myself and I got up about three times my first night there to look proudly at all my acquisitions. How quickly they get taken for granted though.

    Have fun and be safe in your new car and I hope a thaw is imminent so you can try it out.

  4. Bev has already been out in it which has caused a little frost in relationships...no doubt it will thaw. She's back safely so no harm done...warm again.