Friday, January 15, 2010

The perfectly sighted blind man

Yesterday my painting was interrupted by the carpet fitters who were late arriving and today my painting was interrupted by the blind man.

The blind man isn't actually blind, he's the man who came to fit the blinds in the bedroom. I think it's pretty cool to see his vehicle livery which reads 'The Blind Man'. He sometimes drives with dark glasses and really looks the part. His name is Robert and we've known him for over 15 years. The fitting is a free service when we ordered the blinds but the problem was that he wasn't able to fit them. The man who came to measure (Bev's boss) measured them incorrectly. This means they will all have to be re-cut.

Isn't it typical that the blind man was able to see perfectly and the man who came to measure wasn't. The good thing is that Bev can get them done very quickly as it's her job. She also gets to tell her boss off for being incompetent which is almost worth the inconvenience of having no cover at the windows now that we've moved back in.

Yesterday we drove straight to Nottingham and didn't get back until 10:45 after a stop for a chat with David & Eileen...hence no blog entry.

Watched Slumdog Millionnaire the other night..brilliant! I loved it. A bit of an eye-opener but a top-class film. I didn't recognise a single actor as the credits rolled, but seeing as they were all indians it isn't surprising. I would recommend watching it if you haven't already done so. Top film! Did I mention that it was a good film? Go see it and you can tell me how it started as we missed the first five minutes.

We've just had a freezing walk to Homebase to buy a tin of paint and will now be settling down for a home based date and popcorn.

I love the week-end.


  1. I found the film rather disturbing.

  2. We just saw "Slumdog" a couple of weeks ago, and if I remember right, it started off with the star of the show being tortured. I thought it was a great film, but like Jean, found elements disturbing. It's always difficult when our eyes are opened to the abuses and injustices around the world. We get so used to our own relatively hassle-free existence.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Jean
    I suppose I should really qualify why I thought it was such a good film.

    1.An original storyline and well produced.
    2.It brought world-wide attention to a social injustice. It's real, in your face and shouldn't be swept under the carpet.
    3.It was educative and yes, even uplifting.
    4.There was humour as there always is in desperate situations.
    5.There was warmth,love, hope, opportunity, triumph and failure regardless of the social background.
    6.It played on my made me laugh, cry, frustrated and angry etc!
    7.It made me appreciate what I have and the country I live in. Things were quickly put into perspective.
    8. It was a triumph of good over evil and love over hate through choices that we make.
    9. It made me think about the real gems in life...relationships and what we do, say, think and also the direction we choose to face.
    10.It was a reminder that our experiences can give rise to opportunity and that there is always something positive to come out of a dire experience.

    Give me a film like this over the shallow rubbish readily available any day.

    I've always enjoyed films set in socially deprived areas...reminds me of my own. It brings back memories...many of which are happy. You will always see examples of tenderness, service and sacrifice amongst the poor as well as great humour. I've often felt more welcome and loved in the homes of those who have nothing than in the homes of those with everything and more besides. It's my experience that Dylan was wrong when he wrote 'When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to give'.

    Hi Randi
    Thanks.You have a great weekend too.

  4. Actually, Dylan never said that. He said 'When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose'. Sorry Bob!
    What I was trying to say was that those with the least give the most...I said that!

  5. Ken, I think Bev should give her boss the sack! ha! I love businesses that have a quirky side, - like your Blind Man.
    Hey, you went to Nottingham? Isn't that near Derby? I can't remember much about distances, as I was 13 when we left, but I understand there is some 'thing' about Derby wanting to be known as Derby and not Nottingham.

    I love your points on why you thought Slumdog Millionaire was / is a good movie. I'll have to watch it...

  6. Hi Helen
    The 'thing' was what to call the airport...Nottingham, Leicester or Derby East Midlands Airport. It ended up as just East Midlands Airport. Derby is about half an hour or so drive from Nottingham.

    The two cities are fierce football rivals both teams of which were managed by the same man (not at the same time).

    I've since seen a documentary about Mumbai and the slums are actually worse than how the film depicted them. The film isn't just about the slums though. You'll appreciate the film.

  7. Nick has been to Mumbai several times for work and he says the film is very accurate in the way it depicts life for some people in the city. Most of the stories he tells have nothing in them that would recommend it as a place to work. Whilst there are heartwarming aspects about it there is also corruption and evil on a large scale. He has had one or two unsettling moments as a business traveller to the city and stayed in the hotel that was targeted by terrorists a while ago.
    I sincerely hope he never has to go again and wild horses would not drag me there.

  8. I shut my eyes with the blinding scene because I had already been warned.

    I love the photo on the header - a young Ken.

  9. Eileen, David, Ann and Jonathan and Susan17 January 2010 at 21:16

    We love the weekend too! Fantastic football result for Forest and Chelsea buns with the Greens on Sunday night! Jonathan's bun has got 7 raisins in it!! If you were here Ken you would get the one with only 2 in it!

  10. You can't argue with personal experience Jean. What line of work is Nick in?

    Hi FF
    Yes, that was not a very nice thing to do...I couldn't look!

    Very funny E,D,A,J & S. The weekend didn't end up that nice for all types of reasons. Roll on next week.