Thursday, January 21, 2010

Royal Academy application form.

It came at last. I just need to get some paintings together for the selection committee...easier said than done.

Bev has taken her mum to do some visiting and took some genealogy to do while she waited for her.

I've been working on my French while waiting for the blinds to be finished and I'm currently typing this and listening to James Taylor.

My painting efforts were interrupted by a flying visit to Lincoln to have the number plate fitted.  The LAMMA fair is in progress so the traffic is heavy.  I used to think it was Llama... I listened to it being mentioned on the radio and wondered why there was so much interest in exotic animals. LAMMA has something to do with agricultural machinery which makes a lot more sense.

I painted this temporary super quickie for the bedroom wall to surprise Bev...just the curtains to go up now (when they arrive).

Oops! It looks like I've lost all followers. I must have done something wrong but can't think what.

I'm off to do a little more French.


  1. Nice to see the painting in situ, and I am sure Bev was over the moon with it. And I laughed at your 'accident' with your followers. I accidentally put myself on as a follower on one of my other blogs and can't get myself off without removing everyone else, and I am not sure if my photo appears on other people's blogs which I am following only it doesn't appear when I click onto those blogs. I don't want to be a nameless follower, I want to be brave and say 'that I like your blog and that is why I am following you.'
    Good luck with your French. Sometimes I can speak French a little bit, sometimes not at all. Ah well, must be my age!
    Hope you have good luck with the selection committee, and I think it is wonderful that you are having a go at getting selected. Bon courage!

  2. The bedroom looks very smart. The painting looks great - is there a more detailed picture of it somewhere ?

  3. Your bedroom looks lovely and the colour is excellent - so is the painting. Well done on deciding to go for the Exhibition - fingers crossed

  4. She was over the moon with it Vera. I thought she might politely ask me to take it down but she loves it.
    The followers are must have been a blogging glitch.
    When I'm in France, I'm terrified to try my pathetic French out even though I know they like me making the effort. My mind just goes blank.

    Hi Jean
    Thanks! I've posted the painting but I must warn you that closer inspection isn't recommended.

    Hi FF
    Thanks for the compliment and yes, it's a case of having all my fingers crossed. The worst case scenario is that I'll end up with two framed original oils to hang in our home...not bad eh?