Friday, January 08, 2010


I've just seen the cutest photo of my daughter and one of my sons when they were very young. They were taken by friends who have scanned them and put them on Facebook. I guess Facebook can't be that bad after all. While I was on it Becky Latham popped up on the screen for a chat...frightened the life out of me. How the heck did she know I was on it?  I haven't seen her in years and it was really good to chat for a few minutes. It's sad when we get so busy that we can't manage to stay in touch. Helen Cryer (the one doing all the scanning) posted the photo of my son and guess who was in the picture with him (other than me and a few old friends)?  Tony Latham...Becky's husband. Scary or what!

I think I'll give her a call on Sunday for an update on the family.

I had a bad night with stomach pains and was awake from 3:00am so I didn't get up until 9:00. It was slow going but I managed to carry two 8x4 MDF sheets from the wood yard as I haven't got a roof-rack and he couldn't deliver. My arms were almost dropping off as it is about 800 yards away.  They are now cut to size and on the chimney breast of our bedroom...the boards, not my overstretched arms.  The carpet fitters aren't coming now until next Thursday so the pressure is off.

I'm speaking again at church on Sunday so I'd better pray for more snow so I can't make it... or stop procrastinating and start preparing. I don't really feel up to it but I suppose things will fall into place when I get going.

We've had more snow so I didn't get a chance to drive our new car again. It's been sitting in the drive, covered in snow and thinking no one loves it. Perhaps Sunday.

Although this has been the best day for Facebook (for me personally) I still think I'll be kicking it into touch soon. It's just too manic and I have very little spare time. This is how I feel when I visit it monthly.

I'd welcome any suggestions on how it can be kept through low maintenance and what the benefits are of having it around.

Juli...your blog won't allow me to leave comments. I didn't mean to say those things about your photo on Facebook...honest!


  1. I said I would never use facebook, however this year I have started to visit there, and now I keep in touch with fellow bloggers as well as family and long time friends. I now see it as an easier tool to keep track of how people are. best wishes Blu

  2. I stop in at Facebook about once a day. It has been a great way to get back in touch with old friends. People who I had lost touch with over the years magically find me on Facebook and I am grateful for the re-connection.

    Ken, either there are only three other people in your church, or you are a fantastic speaker that they know they can count on to deliver the goods!

    Stomach pains are scary. I hope you're doing well.

  3. You can leave comments, I just have to check them before they are published.

  4. Thanks for the feedback on Facebook Blu and Randi. Perhaps I'll figure a way of it not confusing me. I think I'll jot down my concerns and things that I'm confused about before making the final decision.
    Thanks again...I value your opinion.