Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'd like to say I had a full and exciting day but I didn't. As soon as I heard that Joel (our neighbour in France) had died I just didn't feel in the mood for anything.

The one pleasant surprise was to finally track down and send an email to my old friend Tony from 30 years ago. He was featured in a post back in August countdown 5 at the bottom of the post (a B&W photo of Witchwood).

Weather...overcast and dreary.



  1. So sorry to hear about your friend/neighbor dying. Here's hoping that Sunday will bring some inspiration and comfort.

  2. Hi Randi
    Yes, whichever way the wind blows Sundays somehow puts things into perspective.

  3. January is a difficult month to stay cheerful all the time even if there are no personal tragedies. My solution is a cup of hot chocolate, a hot buttered toasted teacake or crumpet and some knitting or a DVD.
    In five weeks' time it will be almost spring.

  4. Hi Jean
    I'm afraid it'll have to be the DVD as knitting needles me.
    Spring? Yes please! I'm suffering from light deprivation.