Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stay away from temptation

The New Year usually heralds new beginnings or a fresh start but Bev is adding to the dodgy hobby of growing that which is illegal...yes, we all remember how she protested her innocence.

My only crime was to forget to empty my jeans before they were bundled into the washer.  Bev just couldn't resist expanding her empire by muscling in on the money laundering scene.
She's dry now...as is the Queen .

Yes, all serial numbers have been deliberately blurred.

Personally, I think the Quality Street is the real temptation.

I'm tempted to share my resolutions for this year, but pride prevents me.


  1. Further proof, should any of us women need it, that all men should have a handbag of their own. Or at least at purse.

  2. A lot do Jean. In fact I have one too but Bev is the one that carries it. She carries all that she does and doesn't need along with everything necessary for my survival too.

  3. Ha ha - typical bloke, eh !! Nick has a very useful wallet with a purse/ coin section. My dad admired it and now he has one, too.
    ....you often see stuff like this on French markets.....you could even treat Bev to a new handbag.......!

  4. She doesn't wait for me to treat her...she was very tempted the last visit into Josselin.