Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time for a moan...

It's exactly a week that we attended the wedding reception for Andrew & Becky so perhaps showing a clip or two would be was also the night we lost the car registration plate.

Actually, I'm unable to download the clips. This was their first dance as Mr&Mrs. Yes, I know you can't really see them...

I'll ask my son tomorrow afternoon how to download video clips and include them in a post.

It was such a bright and beautiful day today and I couldn't resist doing a few jobs outside. When Bev returned she told me off for burying her bulbs. Such a response quickly brought back the early frost. Thankfully, she later gave me a smile resulting in a major thaw. She also gave me a full bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate which kept me quiet for a while and is now all gone. I know, I can hardly believe I've polished off a whole bar...and I only gave two squares away!

I have a 20 minute speaking assignment at church tomorrow. I should have spoken a few weeks ago but the snow arrived and the meetings were cancelled. I thought I'd gotten away with it!

I wanted to say something yesterday about the apparent witch-hunt against Tony Blair and the decision to go to war with Iraq. Now's my chance.

There seems to me to be something sinister in the way the media attempts to manipulate the viewer in relation to political issues. It has evolved over the last year or so and is beginning to niggle me.  Instead of just giving a report of the news, they are encouraged to give their own personal analysis which is taken as an authoritative voice and is further analysed in the studio by people who know very little, but like the sound of their own voices. What we end up with is the viewpoint of a bunch of rambling know-it alls rather than plain and simple unbiased first-hand extended news reporting... and it's their view which is presented, parcelled and passed to a gullible public as factual. We could hear the man who experienced it firsthand and are surely intelligent enough to either accept or reject his reasoning. We don't need the rest of it from babbling fools.

As far as I was aware, the decision to go to war was sanctioned by Parliament which included the opposition with all party backing, and not solely that of Mr Blair. I'm not a lover of our former Prime Minister but I think what he's being criticised of is beyond the mark...and the remit of the reporters.

I've had my moan now so I should be okay for a while.

Is there anything that niggles you? Go on, have a moan on me!


  1. I wish they had listened to Hans Blix -

    I didn't think they should have gone to war at the time and was a fan of Blair when he became PM. Am certainly not a fan now though.

  2. Yeah-stupid packaging on toys! Actually packaging in general-if you can't open it easily with just your hands then why bother! I have had so many injuries trying to get into stuff I should sue! Toys, CD's, Biscuits without the little string thing oh and whats more-once you get the thing out, the packaging seems to have morphed into something twice, three times the size. TWO trips to the tip this year on Boxing day just with stupid packaging. If they want to go greener I would start here!! Ban packaging! Oh and as this is a room 101 moment I would also stick red tape and adverts (why are they twice as loud as normal telly?) in there too but thats too long a grievance for this post-plus I sound like a grumpy old woman in need of some chocolate.

  3. Hi FF
    Thanks. I'll have a look at the link later. Right now I so tired that I'm struggling to concentrate.

    Hi Juli, you grumpy old woman
    I agree, now get some chocolate and have your fill.