Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Close your eyes

I've had some book vouchers for over a year and thanks to Blu I wandered into town and nervously unfolded one and asked "Do you accept these?" Yes! she said.

This is what I ordered...

Usually when I put my feet up I quickly fall asleep. I've only heard snippets about her life but sufficient to keep me awake for a little while...I think

At work, Kirsty asked me to close my eyes and describe what Christine was wearing (Christine sits right next to me). It was her attempt to demonstrate to everyone within earshot that men aren't as observant as women. She was obviously bored and was looking for a little amusement. She thought I'd fail miserably. She was right!

Am I a reasonable representation of all men though? I think not! I'll get my own back I'm sure.


  1. I just saw over on Molly Potter's blog about your religious persuasion. There was me thinking you were traditional C of E.

  2. Hi FF
    Now how can I possibly consider anyone who took my last threepenny bit in the collection box as a kid? Besides which, they don't believe in anything, do they? Oops! Now there I go again.

  3. Ken, I was probably 14 when I learned of Edith Piaff. My mam was singing along with her one day (in South Africa) and she told me all about her, the Sparrow. I was so sad for her. I've never forgotten... Now, all my children know of Edith and her story and older people are amazed that they have this knowledge.. ha ha... passing on the baton....

  4. Hi Helen
    I'm looking forward to reading all about it. I've known about her for a long time but not the whole story.
    I asked a number of people at work if they knew who she was and only two knew her. One of them got her mixed up with Eva Peron.