Thursday, January 07, 2010

Why do we do the things we do?

I trudged into the back garden to make my snowman and prepare ammo for later, but the snow was very powdery and difficult to compact and mould. I gave up because my fingers were dropping off. Why can't snow be a little warmer?

I didn't stay long in my studio as we have carpet being fitted very soon in a bedroom that isn't ready.  I think I'll also have to sacrifice tomorrow to get it ready for Saturday.  It'll be worth it...I think!

Reading Foreign Quang the other day made me think about why I particularly like Dandelion and Burdock on Sunday. I reckon I've sussed it!

I think I was about seven when I was in care with the Bell family.  Mrs Bell always made fresh bread and cakes. Mr Bell would be forever winding the clocks up. The house would chime out a reassuring sound and on Sunday afternoons we would read the Dandy and have D&B to drink. For someone with my background it was sheer luxury.

It's the first time I've analysed why D&B invariably stays in the fridge during the week and comes out  on Sunday and is savoured. When the family come around on Sunday and it does come out, no one gets close to it but me.

I think I'd like to investigate other things I do to find out why I do them.

Pretty heavy for a Thursday don't you think?


  1. Yes, a very reflective post and one which gives us a peep into your early years. They've all helped make you the man you are today - your kindness, warmth and fellow-spirit shines out of you blog, Ken (schmaltzy but true).

    What colour carpet?

  2. You must tell me what Dandelion and Burdock is!

  3. Yummy my favorite POP...I can imagine the flavour now!..takes me back in time too.

  4. Hi FF
    There are many who see a different side of me and are right although sometimes I'm kind and warm...especially if I've been fed.
    I can't remember the colour,,,Bev picked it. I'll find out when it arrives but I think it's light.

    Hi Randi
    It's a soft drink containing the usual rubbish but with the flavour of Dandelion and Burdock...not that I would know what they taste like as I've never scoured the fields and stuffed my face with them. I love the liquid variety though. I'm also quite the connoisseur and won't drink just any old producer of it.
    I suppose you could say it's like your root beer but far superior and better tasting.

    Hi Blu...I always knew you had taste!

  5. D&B was always my favourite when the pop man came round on Fridays ! Can you still get it ?

  6. But of course Jean. You are only one county away, not on the dark side of the moon, but you have to go fetch it yourself. Morrisons do a very nice one. Stay clear of Barrs...they put lemon it theirs (how ridiculous).