Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bedroom almost ours again...

It's a very strange feeling being here this time on a Sunday but I definitely enjoyed the lie-in.

The day has been spent reading, updating photographs and keeping in touch.  What a super relaxing day...except for trying to upload these photos of recent work.

Thanks for the suggestion Jean.  It didn't work unfortunately, but Ash managed to see where I was going wrong...I had too many applications open and blogger couldn't update.

Anyway, this is the start of re-decorating the main bedroom...removing the ceiling due to a leak.  All the walls have been stripped here and look how poor a condition the walls are.  Under the mirror we had dressing table and storage... the bed was opposite.  Bev wanted the bed to be between the wardrobes so who am I to object. The wardrobes are fitted into the alcoves.

All the ceiling off now...and behind the skirting I found a newspaper dated 1968.

Ashley having a smashing time yesterday...sorry, make that Friday.

All done...plastering under window, boards up on ceiling and filled/sanded, electrics re-directed, light switch re-directed, door removed and fitted to open the opposite way, walls filled, coving in place, wall papering all done, chimney breast double lined, connecting top piece re-fitted, underlay in place ready for carpet and three coats of paint throughout. ~I'm particularly pleased with the ceiling...super white and super smooth (doesn't really show on the photos).

This shows the depth of the wardrobes and where the bed will go...although Bev doesn't like the bedstead and would prefer a wall mounted padded backrest...when she has decided on a design (could take months).

Next Friday we move in.

I'm feeling really good because I've realised that I'm running out of building projects and that pretty soon my Saturdays will be spent sight-seeing and visiting.


  1. Being a complete dinosaur with computers, I can't help much but what I do is this: save all the photos I might want to use for the blog in a separate folder, all in the right shrunk-down size suitable for a web page. When I click on "add a photo" and then "browse computer", blogger always seems to go to the right folder every time. It's fiddly, though.
    Other than that, haven't got a clue.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Jean. It didn't work but I appreciate you trying to help me.

  3. Finished product looks awesome! Very nice. I'm glad you got your photo problem fixed.

  4. Looks great, Ken. It won't be long before you find another wall to knock down or move about 6 inches.

  5. Hi Randi
    Thanks...we're looking forward to putting colour up and around the room. It looks a bit sterile at the moment...but nice! I'm glad the photo problem was sorted too. I was a little concerned.

    Hi Eileen
    You are probably you invariably are.