Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Up early and straight to work. Didn't even come home for tea...straight out to pick Martin up and try and beat the football traffic. Visited Hong and fitted a new toilet handle, then on to see Bev Cotton and Jaimie-Lee and finished off having a good old chat with Anne Bennett.  All in all, a really good evening.

It seemed a long drive back to Newark as I listened to the end of Forest's win over QPR.

I'm not particularly hungry, my eyes are sore and I'm ready for bed.



  1. Hey, Ken - looks like your list is almost the same as mine & Rach's. We have Bev (& Jaimie-Lee) & Anne too. I was so pleased to read that visit Bev - to know she's in good hands.

    Loving the paintings btw.

  2. Hi Jo
    I wouldn't say good hands exactly but we always enjoy visiting Her.
    Incidentally Jo, I've been waiting for you to post something on your blog. Have you abandoned the idea?

  3. Do you ever just stay in and do nothing?

  4. Hi FF
    I'm doing nothing now...apart from writing this!