Friday, January 29, 2010


Seeing as I won't be posting any originals until March I thought I'd include some of my limited edition prints.

This one is when we were stuck in the centre of Paris waiting for Lance Armstrong to pass by and win the Tour de was a super-hot day. I was pleased that I caught the atmosphere of waiting crowds, searing heat and least I think I did. incredible place with lots of galleries. This painting really doesn't do it justice. I think I'd like to paint it again to capture a bit of atmosphere. Apart from the detail, there are two other things I dislike about this is the no entry sign and the other is the woman's thin left leg. Because it's a print, it's too late to change things.
Honfleur again. I think I'm disappointed because it doesn't show the boats which are just across the road from these people. I'd much prefer painting boats than people stuffing their faces. of my all-time favourite places (the old quarter). This isn't the old quarter however.
Naples again...

These are all 10"x10" but I'm thinking of reducing them to 6"x6" and embellishing them.

Done nothing today other than paint. Loving it!


  1. I am going to have to think of some new phrases to describe how much I like your style of art. It all becomes full of words like 'lovely'/ 'charming'/ 'atmospheric'/ 'bloody good'

    You could probably sell them at some of the Brittany markets we find in the summer - the touristy ones.

    My favourite is the last one because I love palm trees and yours remind me of Dufy.

  2. Hi FF
    The summer markets aren't a bad idea...when I'm there F/T. Dufy...well,theres praise indeed! I guess being mentioned in the same breath as him should preclude me from the market idea...I wouldn't want to cheapen him in any way.