Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I had a choice I'd live...

We go to Bridgford so often that you'd think we should live there. Well we almost did...about 30 years ago but it all fell through because they said the area was due for redevelopment and the houses will probably have to be demolished. The area was redeveloped but the houses are still there. We started married life in Bridgford but each time we've moved it's been further and further away. That's where we've been tonight.

We love it here in Newark though. We were chatting in the car and would like to do a tour of the place when the lighter nights arrive. I know we've been here about eight years but it has a rich history and there's tons we haven't seen.

Did you know that there are people living in New York who have never been to see the Statue of Liberty and some Parisians have never been up the Eiffel Tower?

I enjoyed painting today but am starting to get a little cramped. I've got paintings everywhere in various stages of completion. What I wouldn't give for a large open-plan studio that is flooded with natural light.

Welcome to Molly Potter! It's a lovely name that just rolls off the tongue. By all accounts I think she had as much luck as me in the choosing your parents game. Still, we do the best with what we're dealt with I suppose. We wouldn't be the interesting individuals we are without the challenging or colourful upbringing we had.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy dropping in from time to time.

That's me done. Another day gone and the first time ever that my horlicks is way too hot to drink.

While it's cooling down I'm thinking If money was no object where would I choose to live? Would it still be here?


  1. If money was no object I'd live exactly where I live now........but not having to go to work would allow me to keep the house tidier, manage the garden better and enjoy all those things on our doorstep for which we just don't have the time.

    We live about 10 miles from Chatsworth and ride through the park many times a year but Nick has never been in the house and it must be 20 years since I last did.

    BTW, must get his nibs to bring some Horlicks when he next goes shopping - haven't had any for years and I used to love it.
    Ken - do you remember Horlicks tablets ? I used to buy them as a kid with my pocket money from the Co-op. They were about the size of love hearts and I think you were supposed to dissolve them in milk but I just chewed them as they were.

  2. If I could I would live in Santa Barbara on California's west coast. It's the loveliest place I have ever been and you have the luxurious American lifestyle with the cute small shops and galleries that one finds in Europe. It is like Hampstead but with better weather.

  3. yes - meant to echo what you said about Molly P

  4. Hi Jean
    I just replied but lost the connection.
    Horlick tablets are in my fading peripheral memory. I don't recall ever being tempted to nibble on them though.
    It's nice to live where you want to but it's just typical that work prevents you from making the most of it.
    One day!

    Hi FF
    Santa-Barbara eh! I put my hands up to knowing absolutely nothing about it.
    And pics suitable for painting?