Sunday, January 17, 2010

Allington...a new experience.

Saturday was the wedding day of one of my nephews and, as we set off around 10:45pm bound for  home, we decided to use the Tom-Tom. This new car of ours has one built into it so we thought to give it a whirl.

It took us cross-country along unfamiliar roads. The rain lashed down on us as we meandered through villages and we felt good about the journey and the now familiar signposts. Then, as we drove down a steep hill and under a bridge, we hit a flooded area which caused the displaced water to rise violently and crash down on top of the car. The force  took us by surprise and it became the topic of conversation for the remaining 25 minutes of the journey.

As we entered Newark we decided to put petrol in the car instead of Sunday so we drove past our house to fill up. As Bev paid, I took the opportunity to walk around the car to admire it. To my horror I noticed we had no registration plate and I stared at it like a man-refusing to believe the obvious and didn't notice Bev standing by me again suggesting we go back for it.

25 minutes later we arrived back at the bridge hoping the number plate would be floating happily. Nothing was visible so we concluded that it must have sunk.

This is when I lost my senses and got out of the car, removed my jacket and tie, rolled up my sleeves, took my shoes off, rolled my trousers up and waded into the freezing cold black water. My legs were numb as I came out the other end having found nothing. I then re-entered the water on the other side and found a registration plate...not ours. Then I almost slid over something smooth...our number plate.

At this point I realised that here I was at almost midnight under a bridge and almost knee deep in freezing water...for what? It was only a registration plate which could easily be replaced.  I should be tucked up safely in bed. How the heck did I manage to get myself into this situation. If a car had come, I would have at best been totally drenched.

I suddenly came to my senses and quickly waddled out clutching both number plates... just as Bev clicked the camera.

I don't think I will ever re-visit Allington...I've been there, done it and don't want to do it again...ever!

ps, Welcome to Vera and a couple of family members.


  1. What a funny story !
    I actually did drench someone in a puddle once. He had put his wellies on and was walking through to see how deep it was. It wasn't too deep but I hadn't expected such a huge wake.......

  2. Hi Jean
    I suppose it's better than hitting him.
    Did you stop to say sorry?

  3. Ken - actually, I didn't. I was mortified by my hideous mistake - the poor bloke had got out of his MR2 in his best suit and donned his wellies, walked through the puddle and just as I decided to go for it he turned round and started walking back.
    There was nothing I could do - I didn't want to stop mid- puddle.
    I bet he now hates all women in 4-wheel drive cars now. (I haven't got one any more.)
    I will never forget the look on his face as we exchanged eye-contact and I daren't stop in case he punched me on the nose.
    If he's out there - I really, really am sorry !!

  4. Now you can say "Been there, done that, got the number plate..."

    I crack myself up...

  5. Actually Jean, my brother was once drenched by a woman in a 4-wheel drive. Where did you say this happened? (only kidding).

    That was really funny but I daresay your face is etched on his memory.

    Hi Helen
    Actually that is funny and sums up the experience perfectly.