Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The best is yet to come

On this cold and treacherously icy day my post is dedicated to warm-hearted Jo...and I suppose Teresa too, the saint from The Performance Centre.

This Performance Centre has nothing to do with the arts but everything to do with holiday coordination within the company I drag myself to. It's very complicated and extremely difficult to get what you want, especially when there are about 600 people to please.

Jo kindly agreed to move her holiday to September which paved the way for me to slip in quickly and book the vacated slot and have the final day I needed to ensure a bargain flight in July to France.  Teresa was the one who rubber-stamped it to make it official.  I guess Jo is the saint...Teresa was just doing her job, albeit a very good job.

So May, July and August/September are the months all booked off.  We're excited and can hardly believe it's settled. We have to wait to book the ferry crossings but the flights are all booked now. It's great when you have the best of days with the promise of the best yet to come. France here we come!


  1. Isn't that just a great feeling, to have your holiday dates booked and something definite to look forward to.
    Will they all be DIY holidays?

  2. Oh what good news, Ken. I am pleased for you

  3. just looked back at some of the posts I missed - go on, Ken, join Facebook and then you can friend up with Phil Lowe and myself. There's quite a lot of my bloggy friends on there

  4. Hi Jean
    No, they won't be all DIY holidays...Bev will be doing some of the work. lol.

    Hi FF
    The problem I'm having with Facebook is that the traffic is too heavy and it's labour intensive. I don't really want to spend more than 10 minutes a day on it but every time I go on I spend ages reading what everyone is up to. I need to find out enough about it to create more of a balance.

  5. Ken - love the new header photo. You're getting good at this !!

  6. Thanks Jean.
    I needed to have a visual difference between the art and journal blogs.
    I quite enjoyed doing it.
    Incidentally Jean, how do you add a visitor record to your blog?

  7. Ken, it's quite fiddly and Nick did it for me. Basically, if you click on the counter on my blog it will take you to the Statcounter site and you follow instructions. It involves copying and pasting some script onto one of the gadgets you can add to your blog if you go into the customise option. There are other stats counters but I don't know anything about them.