Friday, January 22, 2010

It's nice to be indoors.

Cold, rainy and miserable if you are a postman today...but if you are an artist you are warm, dry and happy!

I have actually worked on a building site in winter and have walked the streets as a postie...and been out in all weather for the Wildlife Trust and Rushcliffe Parks and Gardens, so I can empathise with anyone having to suffer miserable conditions.

Thinking about it, I'm always out in poor weather when jobs have to be done...and I don't even get paid for it!

A good productive day and a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Funnily enough I don't mind being out in the rain - mainly because I have a good collection of colourful boots and my rain ones are amongst the brightest. I splash around as if I were a kid again.

    I just saw your remark about snakes over on Helen's blog. You actually find quite a lot of adders in Brittany - we've had about four in our garden over the seven years we have lived here - but then we back on to woods where they hang out. You ask your neighbours at the French house - I bet they have seen a few. You just need to stamp around in the garden to get them to slither away

  2. Hi FF
    There has been a tale of a snake sighting in our garden but I never saw actual proof. You are right though, and I should wear gloves when I come to remove the stone which is heaped up in a corner of our garden.
    Are adders deadly?

  3. Ken, I saw a snake slither into your house front wall and it never came out! It wasn't an adder. The snake in the stone pile turned out to be a toad, and David saw a snake on the lane to the wood when he was out blackberrying. Katy and Dan also have a photo of a snake going into someone's garage. It was massive! So you had better watch out when you're building that shed.

  4. Hi Eileen
    Now you're just saying that to keep me awake at night when I'm all on my own. I know what your'e like!